This is my very first blog… I want to start of this blog with something which gave me the kicks to create this blog. A dreadful but life-changing one. Life never fails to surprise and thrill me. Starting of with a poem which is my own creation which was a distant past misfortune.


Tears shed, hearts shattered,
Paroxysm of sorrow and grief
Left a dent in our hearts,
A precious memento to hold on.

Death is inevitable, 
The savvy exists
But people are still a dread,
Taking things for granted.

As the coffin lowers
Into the inferno of perpetual flames,
My body, mind and soul 
Crushed, smashed, bled and hurt.

Moving forward
Learning from the past,
Not living in the past,
we sail into the uncharted waters of the future.

Death is imminent,
Love the ones
Who are the jewels of your heart,
Before Death take them away.

Do not let death
Catch you off guard, 
Leaving regret and sorrow,
As a scar to your life.

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