Our Maker creates as beings such that we could never achieve impeccability. Perfection is impossible to achieve but some people still have the vaulting ambition to achieve it. Those who fall in this category are the ones who are wasting their precious time in doing something which is ridiculous. They should have the savvy that humans have flaws and thus are imperfect. Hence people should be toiling in blood, sweat and tears to enhance themselves to face the unprecedented challenges of life.

Picking up my papers of my most favorite and most skilled subject- Mathematics, I was still ruminating how to always achieve perfect score in these tests. But still, the impudent and puerile me still did not know that achieving impeccability is impossible for humans.

Doing past years, looking up in the internet to obtain new information, asking teachers for help, burning the midnight oil to do more Maths and finally my body, mind and soul fell apart just right before my very own eyes. I was tired and feel like giving up on my dream which was to be a mathematician who brings benefits to the world ( Remark: will write a few articles about it in due time.) .

After getting pummeled by my foolishness, I just realized that I went too far and wayward to achieve perfection but not chasing my dream. Pondering about what I had done, I laughed at my stupidity and made a resolution to put in unremitting effort to achieve my dreams but not to achieve perfection.

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