My Dream

Hope is one of  the few aspects which I cling on to carry on my life. Without hope, humanity are tantamount to sail in a sea without shores and often drive themselves to nowhere thus wasting their time and their lives.

“The Truth about The Harry Quebert Affair” is one of the books which sends chills down my spine because of the thrill and most importantly its content. The intrinsic value which I derived from this book is the aspect about being a great author or just being someone who is willing to go ‘insane’ in achieving one’s vaulting ambitions in life. Mr.Goldman-the main character of the novel, is that someone which life leads him to unexpected experiences and a fruitful outcome.

My dream is to discover a formula which can bring overflowing benefits to mankind and to bring human race to the next stage of evolution. This statement is just a dream if it is taken as such which is why it is important to walk the talk and let our actions speak louder than words. There are a ludicrous amount of obstacles of life which will hinder us from reaching out for our dreams.

I am going to be a mathematician and a physicist in order to discover something good for the mankind. These types of dreams are often ridiculed by people in Malaysia. Most of the Malaysians or I should say most of the people in the world would judge a book by its cover and make puerile commentaries about one’s statement. When I told my friends about my dreams, most of them make a joke out of it. Same goes to my parents, they support me by just saying they are supporting me.

But in their hearts, they murmured,”this little boy, dreams big, knowing nothing about the real world… Hope he could be in the know that WE are living in a realistic world,” as if they are sullying me and underestimating my undying will to fight for their dreams.

However, there are still some people who understand me and support me indirectly which proves that there are still hope in humanity. They are the ones who know that humans sit in the cushion of comfort for a long time and thus becoming less daring to discover new things. I want to make a change to the human race not just a small impact but I want to bring the evolution like a train which will hit the humans hard and act as a catalyst for humans to create more.

It is utmost imperative to know that humans live by chasing their dreams, it is either they live their dreams or they die with it. I cling on to the hope which is making my dreams come true.



Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

2 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. Your mission statement inclusion of “Feelings cloaked as words.” is fabulous. How else are we to represent our feelings but with our words? Beautifully written! I wish you the best of luck in discovering the next great solution to the hindrance of man and helping our world evolve into a better place.

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