Some countries in this world has four seasons due to its geographical position; the north pole and south pole are polar opposite but they experience the same seasons just in different periods of the year; the countries at the Oceania region such as Australia literally has four seasons a day; Malaysia, a very strategically situated country which is in between China and India and also on the equator has three seasons- hot, hotter and hottest season.

The geographical location is synonymous to the place and the environment which we are lodged at the moment and the seasons signifies the feelings and emotions which govern our faculty of thoughts. Summer should be a season bathed with sunshine, bright colors of the sun and the vibrantly dynamic landscapes which protrudes the beauty of Mother nature.

In this phase of my life, summer was not as dazzling as it should be because of my distant past which scarred and hurt my heart crudely. My energy and my spirit was drained out because I blundered into a puppy love which I presumed was a true love. The days of the truth tossed me into a state of darkness where no light could penetrate through the darkness which clouded my dismal soul.

The darkness was soon greeted with someone who was as bright as the summer sun and akin to the amazing grace that came to save me. But my body, mind and soul were too exhausted to even respond to it, my heart had been pierced by the Cupid’s arrow but my intuition prompt me not to attempt to lay bare my feelings about her.

I was worn out. Too tired to seize her.

She has a wonderful name and it was as joyful as her person. When I see her, something just felt right but not right, presumably because of the previous one which distorted my cognition. When I am having deep conversations with her through the phone, I felt something different, something inexplicable, beyond words to express. The feeling is like two pieces of puzzles are finally attached together, the emptiness in me is overflowing with joy. To be honest, I do not have words to express this feeling but it felt right. However, my overthinking personality kicks in…

Should I get closer to her? Should I talk to her more? Would it hurt as bad as last time? Is this “summer” going to shed her radiance to me? Should I express to her my real feelings? Should I love again?

Love is miraculous but an enigma to us, sometimes it is a catalyst for us to achieve par excellence in life but sometimes it blinds our perception and lead us up a blind alley.

Should I make a move?

Should I stay as friends with her?



Disclaimer: This is based on my true life experience.

P.S. ??/3/2016- graduation?







Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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