Little Insight

Humans could easily lose themselves when getting plaudits because of the secretion of dopamine which is akin to the reward system of our body. It is inevitable but if we could control those secretions we would be standing on a higher ground of mentality compared other people.

This is the seventh post of this blog so I decided to make it special because my favorite number is seven. I am very grateful to everyone who stumbled upon my posts and took out their precious time to read my posts and the likes are very appreciated because it prompts me to write more. However, I DO NOT create a blog to gain pride and fame because these things devoured me wholly. The main reason of this blog is to record the mementos of my life- the good, the bad and the ugly. This also acts as an avenue for me to write more and to let out my feelings disguised as words.

General writing is like factual plus life stories as told by my teacher will be the records of REAL events that happened my life. Most of my posts will be general writing but if its fiction or factual or poem I will categorize and tag them accordingly.

The general writing will also be catogerised by its genre which is what I feel about the writing.

Next coming weeks I will posting lesser due to finals which is VERY important.

Oh, yes… I have not introduced myself. Bryan, 17, Malaysian, loves Maths, christian, football and jogging as sports, loves One Piece (anime), watches PewDiePie, could not survive without music, food and Maths. I am a mixture of extrovert and introvert, I love to talk to people who are open-minded, shy in nature, over thinker, listener. My complexion is quite blemished, “four-eyed”, messy hair. Dropping F-bombs when necessary, trying to cut down on it. Talking without really taking account of the feelings of other people, trying to modify that too. Really cherish relationships that are bonded and learnt from the lost or broken ones.

About my writing, it sucked, I do not really know how to express myself with impeccable felicity due to the shortage in my words bank. I will harness more skill and to enhance my writing. I will attempt fiction in due time, I will post a poem every month or two, about factual writing I will also try out some. Let me give a warning first, I SUCK at writing and so any form of grammatical errors or lacking of vocabularies in my writing or bad sentence formation is mea culpa. I learn from my mistakes.

SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) is a very important examination for Malaysian students. Google SPM if you want to know more, if I write something about Malaysia, it would turn up to be ugly and lengthy so leave it to upcoming posts.

In toto, I will be posting lesser due to SPM. I will post more after the SPM which is December.

Wish me luck in my impending exam.

Feelings cloaked as words.


Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

7 thoughts on “Little Insight

  1. For English-speaking friends and interesting – like you – I have translated my blog. you will find all my articles translated into English in the page “in English”.

  2. Nice to meet you. you are interesting, can be genius.
    I remain close to you.
    I invite you to read my profile and see my creations on my blog.

    1. Nice to meet you too. Thanks for you generous comment, I will write my best. Although your post is in a language I do not know but I find that those words come from your heart which are genuine. Keep posting real works, really like your picture of your country, will keep an eye for your posts too.

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