Tanah tumpahnya darahku

For my nation, Malaysia, I am willing to shed my blood or sacrifice my life to protect my country. This is the original intrinsic value of these verses depicted in the national anthem of Malaysia. However, the context changed and turned very ugly. Imagine yourself being in a compound which is surrounded by a hundred feet tall, barbed wired, electrocuted, multilayered, heavily guarded prison fence created by the ‘beloved’ government of Malaysia trying to escape this hell hole, leaving pools of blood in attempts of fleeing this fence.

Malaysia is a indistinctly superb country to live your sedentary life. The assortment of local delights are authentic and mouth-watering. The weather here would never go dry, the air here is damp all year round, you will have very low susceptibility to crack your lips, except for some sweltering days due to climate change. The bountiful and rich culture of the multiracial community protrude the people living in unity to grant peace and harmony to the country.


The politics in Malaysia is the crime shame which Malaysians has to bear whether we like it or not.

The freedom of speech in Malaysia is very limited and bounded by the parochial mindsets of the government and a group of people who are reluctant to accept the naked truth about their stupidity, obduracy, idiocy, laziness and how corrupted they are.

The politics will indirectly impose grave danger to the educational system. The Mathematics syllabus which is taught in Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) based on the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 (PPPM 2013-2025) is three years behind the syllabus of O-level. Could you picture what we, Malaysian students, are learning? How could we be compared with the world?

The Ministry of Education (MoE) state that SPM is akin to the global standard of education which is spurious. MoE actually removed the actual 1119 English paper which is globally recognized and prestigious, MoE replaced with a replica of 1119 which is still called ‘1119’. The counterfeit ‘1119’ provided a false thought to the Malaysian students because scoring in this so-called ‘1119’ is a cinch and the standard of this paper is very low, plus it is not known globally. In fact, the people behind the actual 1119 paper could sue MoE for plagiarizing the format of their paper. ( If you do not believe me go to this link to compare Malaysia’s English Paper with the actual 1119 paper)

The universities of Malaysia and the matriculation of Malaysia run with the quota system where most of the students inside are the group of people whereas only a small fraction of them are for the students who score flying colors in their SPM. Discrimination and racial prejudice are very strong in the MoE. Students who deserve to get in these institutions are refrained from getting in. The government-sponsored scholarship system also got shut down this year due to financial downfall of Malaysia. It is so sad to see them facing unwarranted problems from MoE.

Soon, it will be my turn, having a downgraded SPM cert and the MoE having full control on us, Malaysian students. What will my future hold? Having low-paid jobs with long-working hours due to my lack of education qualification? How can I handle myself? Where to find help? How about the students who have hidden talents in them? Is Malaysia taking a big step back? Does the MoE knows about the implication to the country? Will Malaysia crumble into ashes due to giving birth to a generation of nincompoops? 

The FLAWS AND PROBLEMS in the Malaysia educational system are TOO MANY to be counted and they are VERY OBVIOUS AND MAJOR.

Share this article. Make it viral. Shed some light to the oblivion.

Save Malaysia from straying into the infinite abyss.




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