The exponential growth of the population of humans is directly proportional to the enhancement of Science and technology which could stimulate the furtherance of the quality of life for humans. The modernization of the world ushered in an assortment of more complicated adversities which would become a hindrance to those who could not astutely elucidate the root and branch of a problem. Therefore, it is utmost imperative for us to have the savvy to diligently cotton out the innards of a problem to make obtaining the panacea for it a cinch.

“5M…” Miss. Krish asked the class,”…how to show that we are playing our role as Malaysians?”

She caught us off guard. We took some time to ruminate over this question in order to give the best answer.

“Class…” Miss. Krish wanted our response,”… Anyone wants to answer?”

Scratching our foreheads, spinning our pens in our hands, scribbling pretentiously on the note pad. This was the typical attitude of Asian classes, timid in voicing out our opinions, scared of ‘losing face’ when the question was wrongly answered, waiting for other students to answer. In another words, most of us in Asian classes were cowards and selfish in uttering their opinions.

Miss. Krish strolled back and forth impatiently waiting for our feedback, “This is very easy class…” said by her annoyingly.

“Teacher…” Lee finally spoke up,”Is it to enroll in the national service…?”

“Partially correct,” Miss. Krish commented with a hint of disappointment, “I want the fundamentals… No need to think so far.”

“Is it to learn our nation’s history whole-heartedly?” Oreo interjected.

“This is the common answer given in the students.” Miss. Krish rejected Oreo’s response. “Come on class… You all recite it every Monday during assembly.”

“Admire the five national principles of Malaysia.” Penndragon answered.

“Yes!” Miss. Krish praised her. “That is what I want! Answers that sound sophisticated but hidden in plain sight and could be figured out using common sense.”

“Some more answers?” Miss. Krish demanded.

“Foster unity among Malaysians.”


“Abide the law and enforcement of Malaysia.”


“Celebrate the National day.”

“Yes… I think you guys comprehended the skill to broaden your perception but not neglecting the basics of things that happen in life.” Miss. Krish  was filled with excitement when she witnessed the growth of the mentality of her students.

The number of teachers who are akin to Miss. Krish steadily declined throughout the decade because of the principle of teaching in a teacher gradually adjusted to the demands of parents which require teachers to develop the students in order to pass the examination. This immensely altered the mindset of students and subjugate them to take learning just for the sake of passing an examination and to fulfill the needs of their parents.

The adage- learning opens the eye of the mind, is bona fide because the knowledge that acquire from day-to-day experiences and through teachers could enhance our thinking skills and open up our minds. Parents should discard their parochial mindset of having their children to learn just for the sake of scoring in exams to negate the misinterpretation of the intrinsic value of learning.


P.S. Jan 2016

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