The excitement and hype of the annually held Chinese singing competition efficaciously promulgated through the school which rekindled the spark for students who wanted to sing to take a bold step to participate including me.

Although I have music background, my singing sucks. There used to be a misconception among people that musicians are decent singers is spurious. A fraction of us fall in the non-singer category counting me in, we want to disseminate our feelings to people through our not-so-beautiful voices but through our genuine voices from the bottom of our hearts which could gracefully contoured us.

The main aspiration behind singing is to protrude our heart-felt felicity of expressions telling the surroundings about our feelings NOT to be attached to pride and fame which would lead us to the pit of nadir. The irony which uncannily destined among those who craved to sing but have terrible voices and vice versa exists but we could not do anything to change our destiny. However, the Maker is gracious as always, impossibilities are made possible, that is how He perform his magical works on us.

“Its the last year for you already,” Joe advised, “What is there to lose?”

I nodded to agree.

“Even though I do not pick up Chinese, I still take part in it anyway.” Joe added.

“Yeah… If my singing decided to be good that day, then the judges will be in luck or else their ears will be bathing in hell.” I said giddily.

“True… True…” Joe chuckled, “Just don’t give them too much of a nightmare, wish you luck!”

“Good luck, Joe!” I gave an affirmative pat on his back.

The little prep talk beefed up my courage, I signed up. What in the world should I sing? This was my biggest dilemma at the moment.

“Greeny, I’m participated in the competi…”

“Nice!” she interjected with excitement, “Its been years, finally there is a classmate who is willing to accompany me to the battlefield.”

“Cryst is also participating…”

“Yeshh…” Euphoria had taken over her thoughts.

The reason I sought for her help was because she is my friend and a part of the choir, plus her voice could send chills down your spine.

“Calm down… Greeny…” she settled down, “Could you recommend something for me to sing?”

She ruminated for some time, as if she was running through the playlist in her mind.

One more thing, I scantily listened to Chinese songs which was why I need some pros’ opinions.

“Sorry… Can’t think about anything…” she said apologetically.

“What?” 是什么让我遇见这样的你, the lyrics suddenly flashed into my mind. It was a love song which depicted the enigma of how we meet our soulmate.

I sang the chorus.

Her eyebrows furrowed, it was shit…, I thought.

“If you can bring out its intrinsic value, then the first round is a cinch,” Greeny said confidently, “But the notes are too high though…”

“I’m a pianist, I will modulate the song to my range…” I averred. “The feelings are the problem… If change song…”

“Just follow your heart. You feel like it then go for it.”

I pondered in silence for a while.

“Why this song?”

“Her…” You.

To be honest, I wanted to sing for her as a significance of our friendship.

“Ooo…” She definitely mistaken it.

“I also want to hear you sing.” Penndragon intervened.

“Me too!” Girlgod added gleefully.

“Give me some time to work on this song…”

“Tomorrow maybe?” Penndragon insisted.

“Okayy…” I agreed hastily.

Once I got home, I worked on the song relentlessly.

Thank God, I found a version which suited me online, the power of internet, I thought.

It took me the whole day to feel and sing this song to a decent level. Added some sugar, spice and everything nice to the song by garnishing the song with crescendos, decrescendos and a self-written part at the end.

“Yang, come and sing for us!” Penndragon asked.

I came to her desk. Girlgod and Greeny sitting beside her. Prepped a little.

Be the voice… Tell them the story… 

My voice let loosed and filled their hearts.

They looked at me in bewilderment.

“The feeling IS there…” how did I do it?  “But sing it more like a Chinese song…” Girlgod advised.

“Too much British accent in you.” Penndragon commented.

“The feeling is seriously there?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yea… Just your British accent.” Greeny asseverated. “You can make it through the first round for sure.”

Wow… I think I’m ready for Friday… Stupid accent. “Thanks guys for helping me out and your honest feed backs.”

They smiled.

That brought contentment in my heart and a booster for my courage.

Really grateful to have them in my life.

P.S. 25-30 Jun 2016


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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