The Wake (Part 3)

“Stop. Just forget about her. She is a goner. Wake up.”

“Have you lost your conscious?” Qyng pointed at the text. “Why didn’t you let go earlier? She put you through peril. And she is not worth the wait.”

I lifted up my head to let the blood circulate into my head, providing some space for me to intensely ruminate over the cogent statements. Foo, Qyng and Kin have their points, my confirmation bias attitude could not even deny their statements, I am really wasting my time, I should have realised it… Anyway, all this while was just delirious ecstasies that I fantasized, it was all up in my mind. 

“Why did you create such a ruckus between her when you could be straight forward?” Qyng handed me back my phone, “Just tell her that you lost feelings for her instead of using Lerr as a scapegoat. Doing this is just childish and bringing in unwarranted problems.”

“She had made my feelings wrenched. I just… want to let her have a taste of herself.”

“That is so unnecessary, Yang.”

“Look at the mess you created.”

“I have no regrets in doing this.”

“For now, keep a clear mind, do not start any relationships in this period of time, focus on your studies, forget about her whole nine yard.”

“Problem solved, case closed. What more?”

“Wait… There’s one more… I currently have feelings for two people.”

“Lemme guess… the first one is Lerr right?” Foo said it with sarcasm.

I nodded.

“The second one is Bacon right?”

Once again, bull’s eye. They burst into laughter because it was too obvious.

“Which one you love most?”

“For Lerr, I can’t say it’s the couple love but rather I love her as a sister because I like her way at looking at the world, helping me through difficult phases of life and her innocent looks.” I explained, “As for Bacon, it’s another type of uncanny feeling, when I try to approach her, the butterflies in the stomach will happen. She also picked me up when I was down.”

“Who would come into your mind first if you need someone to talk to?”


“How often you guys communicate?”

“The ratio of Lerr to Bacon is 9 to 1. The difference is quite big though.”

“Before we proceed, can you show me Jess’ photo?” Qyng asked.

I passed her my phone. Kin and Foo also took a glimpse.

“Ha! Lerr or Bacon is better than her many times!” Qyng affirmed, “Just leave her as a past and proceed with the future.”

“Indeed, by looks or by attitude, Lerr or Bacon greatly surpassed her. You have nothing to lose by letting go of her.” Kin added.

“Just forget about her. She is very cunning and cruel. This type of people belong to the bottom most part of the cesspool. Even if you and Jess stop being friends is a should.” Foo asserted.

“One advice for your problem Yang. The situation you are in now is like you are in a food court, being very hungry and could eat anything to satisfy your hunger, even though those foods are not your favourite. It’s not because you eat because you like the food but you eat just to overcome your hunger. Relate it back to your case, Lerr and Bacon are most likely the ‘savours’ that does not suit you but your body prompts you to get them because you are ‘hungry’. Do you get me?”

“Ya… So you are saying do not make errant moves and just put them aside for the moment and let my heart settle down first, right?”

“Exactly, Yang. Hope all of us did help you out.”

“Thanks guys for the really big help. I have broken the castle that was built in the sky.”

P.S. 11 July 2016
A wake up call.

Disclaimer: Sorry that I have to split this into 3 parts because its very tiring cramming all three together plus I do not have much time to sit for long hours to complete this. Sorry if the dialogue are not clear, I did it on purpose to cover up some identities. Hope you guys like them.

The Wake (Part 2)– the second part

The Wake– the first part




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