Adversities are inevitable in life, we must face them either we like it or not. The challenges which are imposed across our life journey act as a catalyst that mold our personality and make us what we are.

It is plausible to say that work are akin to ceaseless waves of problems flung at us to solve. The amount of work given to people are ludicrously massive which tends to build up stress in people. The stress will slowly but surely accumulate in tandem with the increase of the amount of work which will obliterate us from inside out. Hence, people must astutely manage their time to schedule the work to be done on time.

The adage- do not bite more than you can chew, is bona fide and must be imparted in our minds to consistently remind us about our capabilities. People who overestimated their strength of what they could do are proned to be greedy to do all the things that they intend to do. This impetuous action may lead them to unknowingly impair themselves mentally and physically because people have their own limits. When people do things in extremity, stress will stack up like boulders on our shoulders which will imperil yourselves. Thus, we must be conscious about our limitations and learn to reject the work given when necessary to lessen our workload and stress.

People who are not accustomed to stress have the susceptibility to succumb to the adverse effects of stress which will inflict severe damage to our body, mind and soul. Stress is generally perceived by people negatively, but if we positively take in stress, it will enhance our endurance when we face problems in life. Stress also may hit us to the ground and thus we must be able to stand up even though covered in battle scars because the danger is not at the fall but failing to raise again. Hence, people must have the savvy to handle stress the right way to negate it from destroying our life.

Parents and friends play a vital role in alleviating us from our stress. It is undeniable that stress is the crux of social ills and severe diseases because stress is capable of depreciating our health conditions and make us do all kinds of stuffs to release our stress, especially through sex and violence. Thus, parents and friends must be in the know of our well being and be a beacon for us to prevent us from straying into a wayward life.

Every problem have its solutions is true because necessity is the mother of invention. Being too stressed out to find out the panacea for a problem is not worth it because the solution will come to us eventually if we put in unremitting effort to find it. However, we must not sit on the cushion of comfort and wait for the solution to appear magically in front of us when we are not even willing to do anything for it.

Stress is a major impediment, obstacle and hindrance in our life. Thus, we must handle our stress wisely and never result in suicide when stress builds up because we must always grasp hold of the faintest light at the end of the tunnel which signifies the hope that we cling on to, every moment to live our life.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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