Polar Opposites

Useless piece of trash.

Always dreaming of being the best but not doing jack shit about it.

There are mountains higher than you imagined.

These inferior thoughts intermittently hindered my cognitive senses due to the failure during the Maths competition this morning.

The escalating wind reared its ugly head by blowing the sporadic white clouds into a massive formation of darkness, rain started to pour like arrows which pierced my thoughts and scattered them asunder. I stared at the sky, looking for the silver lining hidden in between the clouds but to no avail.

“Brmm…” my phone which was across the table vibrated.

I picked up my phone and the text read, “Anyone is interested in joining us to buy the costumes needed for the performance afterwards?”

“Sure.” I replied instantly.

“I will come and pick you up in 15 minutes.”

I went to take a quick shower to make myself presentable in public and washing away the negative thoughts at the same time.

Mdm. Liow was punctual as usual. I boarded her car and without forgetting my manners, I greeted them politely. Mdm. Liow’s husband, uncle, drove us to scholl to pick up Nic and Weish. Then, we went to Brem mall and fetched Lerr.

She was wearing a black hoodie with skirts, her hair was not braided, adding on her innocent and bonhomie appearance, she was simply gorgeous. At times, her face would be as blank as a sheet of white paper, but inside her was an enigma which was enriched with thoughts which were beyond the frontier of an average human being, that was what I felt something special about her. Just by looking at her, half of my impediments vanished into thin air.

“Hey everybody!” Lerr greeted us once she got into the car. There was a tinge of anxiety in her voice because she had not finished her arts assignment which was due next week but she still sugarcoated her voice pretty well.

We greeted back together.

“Where shall we go, 1U or a factory outlet which is further away?” Mdm. Liow asked.

“1U is better and we do not want to be out until too late.” Nic answered.

“How was your competition, Yang?”

“Don’t mention about it… It sucked…” The abject feeling haunted my thoughts again, “It was an absolute let down, the questions were very difficult, and I felt useless due to the very few questions which I could answer.”

“Never mind Yang. Don’t be bothered by it so much, just try harder next time.” Lerr consoled me but the feeling was too prominent.

“Did you know that the cinema in Brem mall is haunted?” Just to break out from the negativity emitted by me, Lerr quickly changed the topic.

“Yeah,” Nic replied, “I heard the cinema was eerily chilly and there was once a guy saw some distorted figures that was in the front row of the seats when there was nobody there.”

“There are also rumours that people heard terrified shrieks that aren’t supposed to be heard.” Weish added.

I sat there, listening attentively to her talking and my affections for her anchored deeper into feelings. It started few months ago but I kept it a secret to myself, the feeling started to brew into a thicker broth of chicken soup.

“I will drop you guys at the entrance.” Uncle told us which torn me out of my reverie.

We got out of the car and proceeded to the Brands outlet in 1U to save time because it was 7 p.m.

“Yang, you go and pick the costumes for the boys. Lerr, Nic, and Weish choose the costumes for the girls.” Mdm. Liow appointed us.

Why didn’t Mdm. Liow put me with Lerr?, I thought, forget about it… I gotta speed up my work so I could join them. Fortunately, there was a suitable costume which caught my eyes and I brought it to get confirmation from Mdm. Liow.

“Great. Now go get the sizes for all the boys.”

I immediately went to get all of them, within 10 minutes I was done with my part. Then, I joined the girls to help them out.

“How do I look?” Lerr tried out the costume.

“Nice… It really suits you.” I was bedazzled by her beauty, the white button down shirt strapped with a red suspender combined with her dark caramel skin significantly enhanced how she looked.

Mdm. Liow agreed with her choice, Nic, Weish and Lerr went to get the things needed and I helped them out with the sizes.

The main part of the costume was done. Uncle and me went to put all the things into his car, Mdm. Liow sat at a bench waiting for us to be back whereas the trio went to do a little shopping for the head bands which were needed for the costume.

“Yang, you go join them and be back here after an hour and a half.”

I bumped into them by loitering around.

“Let’s go to buy the head bands.” Weish prompted us, “So we could have dinner asap.”

“There’s a thai restaurant at the ground floor.” Nic suggested.

No objections. We proceeded with the head bands. The trio walked in front of me and I was trailing from behind which was akin to their bodyguard. We stopped at a typical pink shop which sold the beauty accessories.

“How was this?” Lerr put on a black and white polka dotted headband. Nic and Weish followed suit.

“Yea.. It’s nice…” I smiled.

The trio tried out a variety of head bands but they still could not make up their mind until my stomach was intensely grumbling for food.

“Guys… Can we go eat now? It’s quite late and I’m very hungry.”

“Let’s go. Nothing we can get from here.” Nic led us out and to the thai restaurant.

Unbelievable. It was way past dinner time but the thai restaurant was still queuing up with people. They left me there to queue up for our seat whereas they went to the restroom.

When they finished their business, I was still standing there waiting. Is it worth the wait? Weish took a picture of Lerr when she was not noticing.

“Hahaha. Look at you Lerr, you looked so blur.”

“Yerr, why do I always looked like this…” Lerr complaint.

“Indeed. You always looked like that.” adding insult to injury. This is what captivated my heart.

The expression when you took a candy from a child, the innocence and the annoyance, was rather adorable on her complexion.

“I need to tie up my hair because we are gonna eat spicy foods afterwards.”

Lerr braided up her hair to a ponytail. The scene was outlandishly attractive to me. The way she swung her hair to her back gracefully. The way she grabbed her hair. The way she bent down her head to tie up her hair. It was absolutely stunning. At that moment, my feelings for her was just at the nascent stage of brewing, it was still uncertain, whether I really fell in love with her was still a big question mark because my heart had sustained ‘a year and a half’ catastrophe and I was definitely not fit to start another relationship. Anyway, she is one of a kind.

“A place for four.” The waiter attended to us.

Nic and Weish automatically sat on the opposite of the table, leaving Lerr and me sitting together. Thank you. I smiled to both of them and I suspected that they already felt the spark between us. Nic was in charge of the order, we were so hungry that we did not object any of her suggestions.

When the food was served, damn it’s good. I picked up some dishes for Lerr unknowingly but I did not do it for Nic and Weish. They shot me skeptical looks and I was oblivious about them.

As we finished our food, I realised my wallet was empty. Shit, how could I pay? Luckily, Nic foot the bill first.

“We’ll split the bill.” Nic said.

“Nic… I forgot the bring money.”

“Lerr. Pay for him first, ask him to pay you back later since both of you are in the same class.”

Lerr agreed. I felt so ashamed for the fact that I could not even handle myself.

“Pay me back next Monday.” Lerr told me.


P.S. April 2016
A day where polar opposite met and happened.

Disclaimer: For the events that happened earlier on this day please refer to Ego-maniac.





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