Black and white keys,
Major and minor,
Chords and scales,
Crescendo and decrescendo,
Resonance and dissonance,
All of these dance together gracefully
Accentuating the colours of playing piano.

To enthrall the fascination of music,
We must be the music.
It is not playing the piano,
But being the piano.
Using multitude of expressions,
To make a piece expressivo.

Loving music is
Able to listen through layers of
Texture, structure, tonality, mood,
Cherishing the intrinsic value
Which is conveyed by the composer.
Enjoying music with
A heart of compassion.

Music is the mother of all inventions,
Creating new possibilities,
Breaking the language barrier,
Fostering unity,
Rekindles the spark of hope,
Even when the darkness is overwhelming.

Eight years spent to sit for grade eight,
Whether success of failure,
It is a wonderful experience,
The outcome is never
Of the utmost importance,
But the process has
Emblazoned in me,
Forged my mindset,
Changed my life.

Never wanted it to be just eight years.
For a lifetime.

Something we cannot live without.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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