Choir Life. The End.

Mesmerised by the clear blue sky, without a speck of cloud, letting the run radiated its light unto the school. Standing near to the choir room, waiting for my last practice with the bunch of awesome choir members. The wrenching feelings were inexplicable to be leaving the choir after relentlessly committing to the choir for a few years.

The practice was led by our going-to-be pianist and conductor. There was an uncanny spark between them, that was why we chose them as the head of the choir. The duo were endowed with enigmatic congruence which signified a new era for the choir.

“Where everything— is music—”

The voices jived together like the colours of a rainbow, depicting the wonderful harmonisation of voices which could be experienced as a choir member only. This song was the song I liked most and the ‘unity of voices’ never ceased to amazed me until the very last moment of my time here.

“Okay guys, take five.” Weish- the newly appointed conductor, ordered us.

My same batch went outside to have fun among their same batch, but I did not join them because I liked the atmosphere where someone was playing the piano and the remaining people in the room would start to sing together. Jay was swaying his fingers gloriously on the piano, promulgating chords which let us to sing to. He was very talented and could play by ear, compared to me- ex-pianist, I was nowhere near him, it was like comparing heaven to earth, which was why I appointed him to carry on my legacy.

“Yang, here’s the invitation for your retirement this Sunday.” Joe-the next president of choir, handed me a leaflet.
“Oh, thank you. I thought you already informed us. Why do extra work?” I questioned.
“Just to make it proper.”

“Everybody, the principal’s retirement needs the choir to sing.” Pn. Liow announced, “If the retired seniors feel like joining, the doors are opened.”

Without second thought, my mind agreed because the chances to sing as a choir was paltry after I leave school and I love choir. As long as I am allowed to be a part of this choir I am willing to commit to it without any complaints or bad thoughts.

“Everybody come back, we are gonna sing all the songs that we sang before as a choir.” Nic suggested, “Yang, Lerr, do your parts.”

I was the ex-pianist, Lerr was the ex-conductor, it was beyond the frontier of my minds of how we were destined as the duo who had led the choir.

The inferior thoughts once again haunted me because I could not recall how to play any songs and the impromptu suggestion caught me off-guard. Thus, I just played a meager amount of parts that I know. It felt like a crime shame for me as the formal pianist for the choir, but it did not hinder me from enjoying the choir wholly.

“Bumi Malaysia—”
“Lima prinsip— Rukun negara—”
“Jong- jong- inai mak i pum ra ja wa li”
“Rag time—-”
“In the jungle— the mighty jungle— the lion sleeps tonight—”
“Satu Malaysia!”

It was my last time seeing Lerr conducting, her hands magnificently conducted the choir, her facial expressions were one of a kind, undoubtedly stunning.

One last time being a part of ‘unity of voices’.

We bowed to each other when the last song was done.

I held back my tears which was overwhelming my eyes.

Thank you.
I am definitely going to miss you guys.

P.S. 28 July 2016
choir life, finé.

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