Fighting for Loved Ones or Passion?

Family institutions are the most fundamental building blocks of the society since time immemorial because humans are social beings. We are designated to communicate and interact among each other to ensure our survival.

It is plausible to say that everyone has a vaulting ambition to achieve par excellence in life. This results us to cultivate a will power to do a particular matter and prompt us to dedicate our whole life to it.

The conundrum of choosing between your passion and your loved ones is a very difficult choice to fight for because both aspects are equally significant in our lives. If you were to be in a binary situation to choose between your loved ones and your passion, which would you choose?

Passion is the ‘fire’ that fuels us with the burly strength to do the things we like most. However, many impediments may hinder us from keeping up with our passion if we are feeble and easily succumbed to failure. Thus, we must have undaunted failure to negate obstacles from stopping our passion for something.

Our loved ones only lived once and so we must appreciate every moment that we spent with them. Never take our loved ones for granted because we may end up in perpetual prison of sorrow and guilt when they abruptly left us. They are the ones who act as the guiding light in our search for the ‘fire’ and are there for us when we need them. Without them, the susceptibility of discovering our passion may be scanty because it is synonymous to leaving us to escape a labyrinth without a map.

Everyone has an innate passion in us hidden in the mechanism of our mind, it is up to us to discover our passion and to nurture it to make our lives meaningful. Without passion, it is akin to sailing into the sea without shores because we must cling unto something to carry on our life or else we may seek death prematurely.

Destiny plays an vital role in arranging the people we meet in our lives. Our loved ones are meticulously bestowed to us by our Maker because they are here for a reason in our lives regardless of providing us life lessons or leading us to find our buried passion.

There is a saying where the chicken comes before the egg is bona fide because the proteins that make up the chicken eggs only come from the hen. The chicken could be compared to our loved ones whereas our passion is the eggs. Without our loved ones, we could not even know what our passion is and we would be in abject submission of life.

People must have the savvy about the priorities in life. Thus, take some time out for our loved ones and not neglect them because each of our loved ones meant a world to us. When we lose a loved one, a world in us would be obliterated, the pain of losing a loved one is excruciating and unfathomable.

Think again.



Loved ones?


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6 thoughts on “Fighting for Loved Ones or Passion?

  1. Your post puts forward quite an unsettling thought. Surely your loved ones should support you in your pursuit of your passion? Balancing your time and energy between relationships and your aspirations can become a juggling act, but surely they aren’t mutually exclusive?

    1. As mentioned in the post, loved ones ignite the ‘fire’. Without them, there may be no passion at all. By the way this was just a thought that flashed through my mind, making this post open-ended.

      1. Yeah you have a point there. It’s definitely an interesting thought! If you feel like it, I’d be really interested to know your thoughts on my blog 🙂

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