First Crush (Part 2)

Annual School’s Sports day was pages off the calendar, I overheard that Penndragon was involved in cheerleading for purple house. I was in purple house too, What a coincidence, I thought, this is a golden opportunity, I need to do something.

During some of their practice, I would pretend to saunter leisurely with my hands in the pocket at that area, camouflaging myself with the surroundings there to look at her. As time passed on, I acted more like a freak, I would literally spend all of my time in school staring at her, feeling like she was the most outstanding person in my eyes.

The day before the selection for cheerleading teams, I sent her a message.

Penn, best of luck for tomorrow, hope to see you in your top form, and the team to grab the champ.

After sending the message, I had a premonition that something was wrong, negative thoughts start to drive me up the wall. Nevertheless, I discarded the negative thoughts and looked forward to what tomorrow held.

The sun was sweltering but the excitement built up by the six cheerleading teams turned the scene up a notch. I found myself a spot where I could have a perfect view of her. Purple house was the last team to perform.

“Now, let’s welcome the first team for the show! The ‘Gerodas’ which will soar with their green wings to bring us a mythical show.” The host announced with a booming voice. It was akin to all hell break loose among the students because rumour had stated that the green house and the purple house performed the best.

The green house cheerleaders gave their best but I was feeling it was just a waste of time. Just skip to purple house already…

“A round of applause for the green house. It is a splendid performance.” The crowd roared in response.

“Next up, let’s put our hands together and welcome the ‘Rajawalis’ to spice up the field like red hot sauce.”

The red house cheerleaders maintain the same vigor as the green house but their performance was not as good as the green house. The rumour had it, the four other houses were not as captivating as the green house.

“Before drawing up the curtains, let’s give it up for the ‘Jentayus’ which is the purple phoenix that soars gracefully in the sky.” The voice of the host was as excited as the students. Even before the phoenix was out of its cage, the crowd was lit up with tumultous roars.

The purple house cheerleaders energetically waved their pom-poms and skipped to the performing area. Just before they stood into the area, they showed off their acrobatic skills by somersaulting to their places systematically. That unprecedented move make the crowd stood on their feet. Penndragon was stunning in the outfit, she was not as plump as I thought, those curves and edges caught my eyes the most.

Their performance was ecstatic and their movements were uniformed. It ended with a blast where they made a human tower.

“Absolutely awesome performance from the phoenix, give them another round of applause.” The crowd responded with a resounding boom.

“This event has officially came to an end, give some time for the judges to finalise the results.”

I saw the purple house cheerleaders gathering somewhere at the corner, anxiously waiting for the results. Go now, if not after the results are announced, you have no chance talking to her. I trusted my guts. I stood up from where I was sitting and rushed to her.

She was standing at a corner as if she was trying to catch some air. I crossed my fingers, took a deep breath and approached her.

“Penndragon, that was magnificent!”

“Thanks, Yang.”

“Hope you guys are the champs.” I smiled.

She shot me back with a smile which pierced through my heart like a Cupid’s arrow. The euphoria I felt put me on cloud nine, her smile was embedded in my heart.

“This year’s top two places are very close. The judges had took some time to look through this and finally came to a conclusion that the champs fall to…” there was a deliberate pause. The purple house cheerleaders hurdled together closely to get all their hearts strung together to go through all this.

“The one and only phoenix that soar in the skies… Purple house!”

The crowd had gone berserk and waves of shouts were for the purple house.

“Once again, let the champs spread their wings and perform for us!”

I quickly squeezed back into my spot. The crowd had gone wild as the phoenix once again demonstrate its elegance in front of us. All of the other people were ostracized by my mind, all of my focus was zeroed in on her. After they finished their performance, they celebrated on the spot and students thronged into that area.

Somehow, our gaze locked together and we exchanged our smiles.


P.S. 2014/15
Fragments of first crush

Be ‘hope’-ful for the next one…
For the first part click First Crush (Part 1)

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