A Malaysian
who used a racket
illuminated hearts of millions,
united all of them.

A Chinese
who uses a racket
to rival with the Malaysian
their clashes emblazoned the magnificence
of badminton

2008 Olympics,
they clashed.
Lin was victorious,
Lee left the court,
with the Malaysia first silver medal in many years
with an adamant will
to be stronger
to get the gold.

2012 Olympics,
they clashed.
History rewinds itself,
Lin was victorious,
Lee got his second silver.

Time passed,
Lee-Lin did not succumb
to the vicious monster, age
which deteriorates every athlete
lock, stock and barrel.

2016 Olympics,
they clashed in the semis,
for the one last time,
the final face off
between two legends
who fought with rackets
who fought their hearts out.

Lee won,
Lin lost,
What goes up, must come down.
They exchanged their battle suits
as the end of their rivalry.

Lin hoped that
Lee will get the gold.

Lee failed,
lost the battle to age,
even though he got silver for three straight rounds

16 years,
the war between two frienemies,
ended, subsided,
marking a full-stop
to an era of greatness,
leaving remnants of their legendary tale,
to be worth reminiscing.

There is a spirit called LEE CHONG WEI.
(I’m Malaysian so its a little Malaysia-biased, but really thank you Lee and Lin)
-specially dedicated to the frienemies, LEE CHONG WEI-LIN DAN.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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