The day when the Malaysians united and triumphed over this independent ground of Malaysia. The day when the blood, sweat and tears of the patriots finally paid off in the form of freeing Malaysia from the bondage of outside forces. The day where freedom abolished the powers from outside which restrained us and let our tumultuous roar resounds through the nine mountains and eight seas which indicates that we are free. The day when we could proudly wave the Jalur Gemilang and call ourselves Malaysian.


The significance of this day is prominently embedded in the hearts of faithful Malaysians. 31 August 1957, is marked on the biological calendar of every Malaysians, when Tunku Abdul Rahman led Malaysia to become a free nation, never again bounded by other forces in the world. The fulfillment of independence tantamount to mountains of gratefulness and an unspeakable joy.


Despite the flaws and imperfections of Malaysia-POLITICS, everything else is magnificent. Ranging from the abundance of culture, unity among races, strategic geographical location, fruitful land, delectable local delicacies, high-rising skyscrapers, biodiversity and the warmth and bonhomie vibrantly radiated by Malaysians are the perks of being as a child of this wonderful nation.


Mr. Husen, an experienced Sejarah teacher and a true Malaysian.

Kita tak boleh memanggil kita mengikut kaum kita, ini amat memalukan.” He ended with a sigh.

Saya berasa amat kecewa apabila nampak orang panggil saya sebagai Melayu, panggil you sebagai Cina dan panggil hitam punya India.” He took a deep breath and continued, “KIta tidak boleh mengamalkan budaya yang mengecewakan kita sebagai anak Malaysia.”

Kita perlu panggil rakyat kita tanpa mengira kaum, iaitu sebagai… Malaysian.” He accentuated the last word.

Those cogent words were drummed into my mind since that day onwards, my heart was rekindled with the true Malaysian spirit. Although I am a Chinese, I would never recognise myself as a Chinese, but a Malaysian.






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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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