Hope. Joy..

Dear Lerr:

Heyyy, hope you read this until the end, and hope that we still can be like ‘normal’ again.
These few months had been quite awkward for me, I felt like between us there was an invisible wall made of reinforced concrete, its different from the feeling we both had (I assumed) from the start of the year. But, I just wanted to express my gratitude in words because maybe after graduation, we would move on to separate paths of life and might not have the chance to meet again.
I was ruminating about writing to you for a few months after I actually fell for you, yes, I fell for you. However, when I was finding chances to confess to you, I was being a coward, I did not dare to tell you the feelings that were buried in my heart for so long, bad thoughts definitely haunted me as I imagined us to be together because I failed once, I could not sustain the fall, I do not want to lose someone like you in my life.
Lerr, I’m really glad that you are here to help me through the tough times in my life, you put me out of my misery, pulled me out of the pit of broken-hearts and thought me something very important- joy, this is another trait that I like about you, always being the most enlightening and the most joyful person I have ever encountered. Even the smallest thing that you had experienced, even at the most dire situations, you are the only one who have the capability to efficaciously spread joy to everyone.
Another thing… You had successfully opened my mind. This thanks could not be expressed in words only, but from deep down of my heart, you will be emblazoned as one of the most crucial person in my life. Still remember the three questions I asked you? The answers you had given me, I deeply cogitate about it and the answers are true.

Where do we come from?
God made us.
Why are we here?
God has a purpose for us, live on and realise it.
Where do we go after we die?
Back into God’s embrace.

Even though you looked like a little girl lost in time, this is the main aspect about you which captivated my heart, and also I deeply admire how you think. When I need help, you are there to help me, still remember all the girl problems I told you about? You really did help me out.
The times that we were conductor and pianist, those are the times which will deeply embed in my heart. And the times that we were still ‘normal’ before I attempted to give you the bracelet, I really do appreciate those times. Another reason that I did not confess to you, I was afraid that we would not be friends after that, I could not afford to risk one more bond, and you are too ‘sacred’ or another words you are as white as paper, my heart prompted me not to ‘stain’ you…

Hope you continue to be who you are.
Hope we will keep in touch.
Hope I will not lose another bond.

Yeah… Being positive…
Hope that we will be more than who we are.

Hope we can be part of each other’s life and mean a world to each other.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. If you had read this (before or after I informed you), I hope for some response.

Hope. Joy..


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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