Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you…”

A high pitched tone resounded through the cathedral, turning it into a prison of perpetual silence. I was dwelling in the presence of the Lord but the screech disrupted me. I opened my eyes, skimmed through the place I was at, I am at a different place, I thought because all the people who were supposed to be around me were gone, the huge congregation of 3000 people turned into a small group of three standing in the middle of the cathedral.

The scorching heat was prominent in the cathedral, the colourful lights refracted by the windows were scattered asunder around the cathedral signifying the enigmatic presence of Him.

His presence was strong but something was off in my mind, there were no air-conditioners here, the building was dilapidated and my feet were on broken wood. However, I remained my composure, prompted by my courage to take a few steps to witness the miracles that He was going to perform.

He was applying mud on the scantily dressed person’s eyes.

“Crack!” The wood under my foot snapped. My heart was racing with fear, beads of sweat rolled down my head. He turned His head slowly and scrutinised the surroundings, but found nothing because I immediately bent down after the sound.

“May thou eyes see again.” He said in a solemn tone after speaking in tongues. I lifted my head to a certain height to allow my eyes to witness His greatness. My faith for His presence became hundred percent when He performed His miracles to us. That moment was efficaciously entrenched in my heart, making me totally believe that He is real.

His gaze locked unto mine, just for a split second, I blinked.

It is well… It is well…”

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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