Movie Time

Afferent neurones transmit electrical impulses to the interneurones. Then, the interneurones will pass the signals up to the integrating centre situated at….

“Hey, Yang.” Bacon jolted me from my study.

“Oh.” I placed the book back to the shelf, “Hey, Bacon.”

“Why didn’t you pick up my phone just now?” Bacon questioned.

“Sorry…” I scratched my head, “I was too focused. Didn’t feel the vibration in my pocket.”

“I wanna buy some stationary though…”

“Sure. I’ll follow you.”

We both walked down the aisle and got to the stationary compartment. She was scrutinising the varieties of pens displayed.

“Why don’t have one…” She said in an irritated tone. “Haiz. Guess I would have to go with these…”

I stood there looking at her making up her mind.

“Let’s go, Yang.” We went to the counter and she paid for the stationary. I kept some distance from her to prevent the cashier to mistaken us as a couple.

“Here’s your change.” The cashier said with genteel parlance.

“Thanks. No need plastic bag for two pens.” Bacon stopped her.

“Then, I gotta tape them, do you mind?”

“No, I don’t.” Bacon received the pen from her and thanked her again.

Bacon walked out and I followed from behind. Gradually I slithered beside her, the feelings I had for her was still imminent but I had not quite yet got over her.

“How did you know I’m here?”

“I saw your dad… And I just guessed… you would be in the book store reading…”

“You caught me off-guard though, I didn’t expect you to find me. Do you have a GPS tracker on me?” I said sarcastically.

“Its just pure luck.”

We went on the escalator, we were both side by side, akin to a couple, just lacking the intimacy, but I just liked the way that we were, just friends.

“Bacon… Remember the book I lent to you?”

“Yea. It is quite strange where an old man have an affair with a teenager.”

“It doesn’t quite make sense.” I was contradicting, “But the writer managed to write it in a way that the whole story is great and made sense at the very end.”

She nodded in agreement, “I’ll return it to you next Monday.”

“Next Monday no school lah.”

“No… I meant after the holidays.”

“Oh. Silly me.” I chuckled, “Okayy.”

We walked to the cinema and no one was here yet. We stood beside each other and fixed our eyes on the trailers running on the screens. I deliberately stole some glimpse of her from time to time without her noticing but I assumed she know I was looking at her.

“What plans do you have for the holidays?”

“Err… Not much. Other than tuition and studying, I have football next Monday. What about you?”

“Quite the same. Still got few more months…”

“SPM right…” Her expression turned sour, “Monday I will go watch one more movie.”

“What movie?”

“One Piece Gold. I’m a very big fan for this anime. Would you like to join me…”

Her focus shifted back on the screens. Phew… Luckily she didn’t hear my last sentence…

“Bacon…” I stammered, her gaze found mine. “Can we sit together… in the cinema… afterwards…?”

“Sure.” YES, I let out a scream of victory inside me.

“Err… Wanna stroll around while waiting for them? It’s quite boring here.”

“Where do you wanna walk to?”

“Just around.”

We headed out of the cinema.

“Have you had lunch already?”

“Nope.” She pointed to restaurant nearby, “You eat here before?”

“I don’t really eat in this shopping center, I only ate before their Subways.”

She turned her head back to the front. We continued walking and we found Yu and her sister.

“Hey!” Yu greeted us, “Both of you come together ah?”

“Where got…” I replied, Yu shot me a smirk, Bacon blushed a little, What’s she thinking?

“Let’s go buy the tickets.” Bacon suggested.

Bacon was no longer beside me, she went to stick around Yu. As we were queuing up to buy the tickets, Greeny came, tall and stout as usual for a girl. One by one falling in and we bought tickets for “Train to Busan”, total nine of us.

“Why not we have draw the tickets to decide our sitting in the cinema?”

No one objected. Greeny handed me the tickets to split and mix them up.


I got the worse ever place. Its not even the same row with Bacon. I let out a sigh under my breath, maybe not this time…

When we want to enter the cinema, we were blocked by the worker there, we were all under 18.

“Sila keluarkan IC kamu.”

The identification card was never wrong. He asked us to change tickets. LV handled the ticket changing process. However, we still headed into the cinema showing “Train to Busan”.

When we entered the cinema, we quickly split ourselves up and sit at different places. Greeny, Bacon and me headed to the third row from the screen and sat down. Bacon and I were side to side.

The movie was awesome and it was one of the best movies I had ever watched. Bacon cried a few times during the emotional scenes, my hands wanted to hold her into my embrace and cry into my shoulders, but my cognitive sense managed to suppress the urge. I intermittently looked at her.

“Am… I… infected?” the main antagonist of the movie, CEO of train, questioned the main character, dad, of the movie.
“I’m afraid… Yes…” dad looked into the CEO’s eyes, behind dad was a pregnant woman and his daughter.
The CEO turned into a zombie and launched into action with dad when they were on a moving train to Busan. Dad was bitten by the zombie, but he managed to whisk the zombie off the train.
Dad immediately escorted both of the survivals to the driver seat.
“The red button might be the brakes, push it to stop the train,” he told the pregnant woman.
“Listen to me, Su-an… No matter what… Stay close to her…” he told her daughter.
“DON’T GO DAD! DOONN’TT GOOO!” Su-An broken down, wanting to grasp hold of his dad, the pregnant woman held her back as the dad walked out of the driver’s compartment.
Dad stumbled to the back of the train, preparing to commit suicide to negate himself from becoming a zombie.
The scene turned into vivid flashes of Su-An at infant age and Su-An trying to get her dad.
Dad let the last single tear rolled down his cheeks, letting out a smile of contentment, signifying he cherished his life.
As he was transforming into a zombie, the scene changed to the shadow of him jumping off the train.

Tears started streamed down my cheeks. Bacon and Greeny literally broken down. That scene was the best scene, those who did not cry during that scene was neither have emotion nor was a human.

After the movie ended, we discussed about the movie, teasing about how red Bacon’s eyes were. My cognition was still in the movie, I was ruminating about the movie and my cowardice about not pulling her into my embrace. Deep regrets were prominent but its already past.

“Just wait”…?

P.S. 11 SEPT 2016
Just beside her.
So close yet so far. Or am I just fantasizing?

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