Should Parents Allow Their Teenagers to Work with Opposite Gender?

Humans have an innate nature which is to congregate in groups to ensure the survivor of our species. Humans are also regarded as social beings because communication is of utmost importance to sustain the survival of our species. If there is poor or completely no communication among humans, we would tantamount to extinction.

Female’s influence has grew stronger since the twentieth century. Even since the days of ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Hatshepsut was apparently the first female pharaoh recorded in history which was also one of the most influential Pharaohs. She efficaciously established Egypt and managed to convert large sandy areas into crop yielding grounds. Hillary Clinton, Oprah Withney, Mother Teresa are those who emblazoned worthy marks in history.

In the twentieth-first century, female ‘power’ has become more dominant over male ‘power’ due to the exposure of female in various industries. Dating back to the early twentieth century, female was not as prominent as now because of the parents who looked down on the abilities of female. However, time managed to obliterate this parochial mindset which also promotes the evolution of our mind.

Working with colleagues of opposite gender in any organisation is inevitable. Thus, teenagers or individuals of younger age should be exposed to working with opposite genders as early as possible to let them have the savvy to handle people with different personalities in the era of globalisation.

The adage- if you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far, walk together, is bona fide. It is also undeniable that people yearn for a better life which deeply associates with evolution from every aspect of life, ranging from the enhancement of social to the furtherance of science and technology. Therefore, working in groups which consist of diverse personalities from different genders is utmost imperative to act as a springboard for the evolution of human race.

Patience, perseverance and tolerance are the prime factors to ensure peace in the community. If we lack of these criteria, unwanted problems would rain down unto the community. Thus, exposing teenagers to work with opposite gender is laudable because in this process, these criteria are entrenched in teenagers. When solving a problem together in a group, opinions would be brought forth by all the members in a group, without a doubt, we must learn to audi alteram partem to negate altercation.

It is axiomatic to say that female and male looked at things from different perspectives because the mechanisms and the structure of our brain are varied. The exposure of how people think of the opposite gender may broaden how we perceive things. Therefore, we are able to think out of the box and remarkably surpass people who do not work with opposite genders.

However, there are parents who are still locked with an archaic mindset of not letting their teenage children to work with the opposite gender. The main attribute is that the parents are worried about their teenage children having the susceptibility to fall in love with the opposite gender which will severely impair their academics the whole nine yard. The overprotective parents may lead their teenage children incapable of competing with the society when they are put on a level playing field with other people, regardless of business or social.

The adolescent years of the children is when the spur of hormones are at its abundance is a fact that parents are completely aware about. Parents became overprotective when comes to choosing friends for their teenage children. Without talking about those friends who are negative, even the friends who are of opposite gender are weaned off by the parents. This impetuous act may lead their teenage children to become rebellious and recalcitrant.

Parents should have the fortitude to set their teenage children out to combat with the ‘problem’ that is viewed by this archaic group of parents as ‘dangerous’ to their teenage children. However, parents should act as the beacon and the guiding light to their teenage children, not to hide from the ‘problem’ which are prone to happen later when their teenage children grow up. Regardless of the dreadful experiences that our parents had to go through, such as heartbreaks which lead them to lost their will to live, parents should stand tall and learn from the past, not living in the past.

Time has changed, so do people. Those who fail to adapt are those who are left behind, devoured by time. People should not live in the past, but learn from them.

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