Little Walk in The Forest (Pt.2)

A tumultuous roar resounded in the forest followed by a deafening shriek which was definitely not from a living thing. Anne was still in a bewitched condition and Mike shrugged to the ground in fear.

“Guys! Pull yourselves together. Looks like we need to flee this place.” I said determinedly, “fast.”

I grabbed Mike in one hand and Anne in another. We moved in a dragging phase. Keep moving, my intuition prompted me urgently. Dark clouds started to form sporadically in the sky, halting the penetration of the lights from the sunset, plops of rain were becoming distinct and mere thunders clapped which gestured doom for us. If we could not make it out of the forest before the colossal downpour, we would be in mortal peril, shanghaied to endure the death of the night in the forest.

The sound of the river was discerning from the rain drops. There was a river flowing due north-west from my position. Maybe if I follow the stream, it may lead me to my safety or my doom, I thought because I was at my wits end. Two of them were a burden to me, two heavy loads which I had to bear. Nevertheless, I still adamantly dragged them towards the river.

My hand was shaking violently, as I looked at Anne, she was convulsing due to the dire temperature here. I shoved two of my fingers into her mouth to negate her from biting her tongue which will incidentally kill her.

“AHHH!!!” I let out a scream of pain. I implanted my mouth unto my another arm and bit it to counterbalance the excruciating pain. When she stopped, I carefully removed my fingers from her mouth, she lacerated my fingers, leaving deep bite marks on them. I pulled out a towel from my bag and jammed it inside her mouth.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” I was nearly hyperventilating, I rushed to the river and sunk my hands into the river to wash the bite marks from me and Anne to prevent them to get infected.

The rain started to pummel unto the forest, drenching us the whole nine yard. This is bad. I looked at them and refocused on washing my arm. I tore the bottom part of my track bottoms to act as a bandage for my wounded arm and fingers. As I lifted up my head, there was a cave across the river. We can’t possibly get out of here tonight, the cave is going to be our safe spot for the night. I uttered a silent prayer under my breath.

I walked to where both of them were laying down while holding back the pain. Mike and Anne were still out cold. I wanted to check on Anne’s eyes so I pried open her eyes, it was still changing colours. My thoughts were unconsciously sucked into a void of darkness, the atmosphere turned into a scorching furnace with Anne chained at a distance.

“ANNIE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” no response, not even a single twitch from her body. “ANNNIIEE!”

“HEELLPP MEE!!…” she shrieked and her voice turned into a deep distorted tune, “Johnny…”

A black figure skimmed across the furnace swiftly and crashed straight unto me. I snapped back to reality, realising Anne was trying to strangle me to death, her strength was ten times stronger than I expected, coughs of lacking ventilation were let out, my vision started to become blur. I wrestled and struggled but to no avail. I can’t die here! A paroxysm of adrenaline gushed in my bloodstream, I summoned the last ounce of my energy and efficaciously took advantage of the slippery ground. I managed to slide down with her and plunged her body unto a boulder by the river.


I scrambled to my feet and shook my head to let my blood circulate. Her bones might have broken… Luckily, she’s not dead. Her chest was still constantly expanding and contracting. I stripped another part of my track bottoms and tied her hands tightly to prevent her from going amok. The rain was showing no mercy, Mike was tumbling down from the place I left him. I slammed onto him with all that I had, hoping to create sufficient impulsive force to stop him.

Both of them had injuries which was resulted by me. Even if I got out of here, I might be arrested, I thought. I was debating whether to stay here or to cross the river and get into the cave. Too many thoughts were flooding into my mind, I had to remain bovine calmness. I submerged my head into the river, letting my head to settle down. I laid back in despair as I began to comprehend our bedraggled wretch situation.

The cave was our only chance of survival.

I gathered our bags into a pile, getting ready to cross the river. One unit per crossing was my limit because my energy was depleted. I decided to bring the bags across first. When I was crossing the river, Anne was crawling on top of Mike like a hungry predator. Crap. I rushed back to the start, thrown the bags on Anne, seized her and started crossing the river.

Another conundrum, as I was crossing the river again, Mike was trying to destroy our bags. A sudden pulse was sent by my neurones in my brain, Wolf, Cabbage, Goat and river problem. I forced my way back to the start because the current of the river and the rain was getting relentless. After dumping Anne to a side, I immediately brought Mike across the river. Mike is the goat, Anne is the wolf, the bags are the cabbage, I managed to analyse the situation. To and fro a few times, I managed to get them across the river. They acted as if they were possessed before crossing the river, but after that they regressed and became normal.

Without any hesitation, I pulled them and the bags into the cave simultaneously, seeking the ‘safe haven’ ahead of me badly. My legs were trembling after I set them into the cave. I rummaged into our bags and search for things that could start a fire. They were shaking but not the same as last time, but this time was the cold of the night.

“Flick.” There was some light illuminating the cave by the flashlight, all of our stuffs were packaged in a plastic bag or a zip lock bag to prevent them from being soaked.

Dry clothes, towels, dried fruits, compasses, jars of salt, Band-Aids, repellents, fire starter, nail-polished-strike-anywhere matches, fuel chips, steel mugs, pocket knives, water,  flashlights. Arranging them nicely on the floor, just lacking of the means to communicate for help.

Get through the night then we are saved, at least having the slimmest chance of survival. I started some fire with the fuel chips and the branches scattered asunder in the cave. The night was getting colder by the second, I changed my wet clothes with dry ones. Should I… change for them… The thoughts lingered in my mind which hindered my perception, I shifted my view to Anne’s body, lust gradually intensified.

“John… Actually…” Anne’s voice was unsettled, “What type of girl you like most?”

You. “Haha, its a tough question.”

“Come on…”she nagged, “we are 21, enjoying the last years of university.”

“Not yet have anyone in mind.” I lied.

“Tell me pleasee… Mickey had gone for a piss.”

I pointed to the sun dipping into the horizon, “Look… How beautiful nature is…” I paused and searched for her gaze, “Loving someone is not about finding the right person, it’s about being the right person.”


“Hey! Lovebirds!” Mike interjected, “Don’t…”

Anne instantaneously took her towel around her neck and slammed his head. “You want me to drop you of this hill?”

“Sorry… Just kidding though…” Mike begged, and quickly settled down beside her.

She was appreciating the gifts of nature. The sunset, her looking into the horizon, that moment, all diminished into nothingness. I grabbed a few sets of Mike’s and Anne’s clothes, ready to help them get changed. I helped Mike changed first, picked up his wet clothes and spreaded them around the fire.

When I was on top Anne, an outlandish feeling disrupted my thoughts. I pulled of her top, leaving her with her sports lingerie, silently admiring her curves and edges. As I was putting on her dry clothes, a chilly hand slithered from my back, gradually reaching for my neck.

Johnny…” her seductive voice gently pulled me closer to her. My face was inches away from hers, I could even feel her breath puffing on my face.

“ARGHH!” Mike grunted in pain. I wrapped her in a towel when I finished dressing her up. Mike banged his head violently unto the ground.

“Thump! Thump! Thu…” I sprang forth and suppressed him. Mike was still fighting against me to break free. My hand shaped into a disc and hit him concisely on his nerve at his neck. Mike stopped, I was exhausted from wrestling both of their possessed bodies. They are definitely cursed. My mind concluded to strap them, but my body was reluctant to do so, my eyelids grew heavier. If I dose off now, we are going to die. Drenched my head with water. I opened a pack of dried fruit, sat calmly by the fire and chewed away some of my adversities.

The scene of the black figure kept lurking in my thoughts. What is that? Why was Anne acting so strangely? Why has Mike not regain conscious yet? How many hours have passed? How many hours left until dawn? Will we live? All the questions were left unanswered, meager amounts of my brain power was left in store, I was utterly atrophied physically. Maybe after dawn we may have more chance of survival. For now, if one of them goes banana again, I’m screwed. 

“Urghh…” Mike felt a bloody cloth encased his head, “Johnny!”

My thoughts stopped flowing at the moment I heard his voice, “Mickey! Glad you regain consciousness.”

“Yea… I felt like shit after suggesting to check out the weird-looking totem… Everything after that was another story…” He was distressed, “By the way, where are we? Why is Anne curled up like a ball?”

“We need to survive this night if not we are screwed.”

“What are you talking about?” his tone was tinged with anxiety.

“Just to keep it short, we are doomed if you or Anne goes berserk once more as if you guys are possessed again…”

“Berserk? Possessed? What… in the world… ” Mike was frantically grabbing the hem of my shirt, “Johnny. Explain.”

“Get your hands off me.” I swept his hands away, “Its not you are the one who is scared, I’m also scared shitless.”

“Cut the crap.” Mike had regained composure, “Just explain from where I passed out.”

“After you passed out…” I told him the entire incident, intermittently keeping an eye for Anne. Mike sat and listened attentively.

“I still can’t comprehend how the…”

“Snoreee…” Both of our focus suddenly shifted to the origin of the noise. It was Anne.

“Regardless, what happened when you passed out?”

“A daunting black figure was hovering above the forest and I was all alone. There was the weird-looking totem all over the forest. Everywhere I turned, I could not locate you guys. The trees started to sing… That’s the weirdest part… And my thoughts were disarrayed by the black figure.”

“Is it the same black figure as I described?”

“Absolutely.” He said in an undertone, as if he was very frightened.

“You are hiding something. Spit it out.”

“The black figure not only messed with my thoughts, he showed me obscene scenes where all of us were dead and tortured me by asking a massive amount of questions related to me where his voice overwhelmed my thoughts.”

“That black thing is really disturbing.” I passed him a pack of dried fruit. “But, I think I noticed something.”

“Thanks.” He received the pack from me, “What?”

“It all started from the moment I called your real name.”

His brain clicked, “Annie also acted in a spooky manner at that time.”

“Maybe that little myth is somewhat…” I gulped, “true.”

We are bewitched.


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