Coloured Hearts (Part 2)

BEEP. BEEP. BE… my hand conscientiously slammed the electric alarm clock by my bed. 05:30. I scrambled to my feet, stretched my body, not a single ray of light had penetrated into the dorm room at the wee hours. Monday, my brain signaled me. I sustained this discipline for months, waking up early, go for a run, to be fit in terms of physique and mentality, to train myself for the impending football match.

I filled up my bottle and grabbed a fresh towel, my roommates, Tadashi and Charles, were still sound asleep, their body mechanism varied from mine, I could not train in the afternoon, they could not train in the morning. Thus, I was the only odd ball out of the team.

“Don’t get into any accidents.” Tadashi said it like a routine who was still behind the computer.

“Thanks.” How did he stay up all night everyday since the first day we met.

I tied my shoes, checked my phone, 05:47, grabbed my essentials except my glasses, headed out for a morning run.

Tadashi had a sleeping disorder, he did not need much sleep, just a couple hours of snooze per week was sufficient for him. He was a psychologist, currently studying computer programming in the same college as I was and also learning some hacking skills during his leisure time. Tadashi even broke the so-called ‘inpenetratable’  security system of Apple. He managed to unlock every password protected I-phone with a cinch. Football also flowed in his bloodstream which was why he was the prime striker for the team.

I crossed the London bridge, passed a few blocks of shop lots, I checked my phone, 5 miles, 37 minutes, 06:27. Not my best nor my worst record. As I passed by that particular street, the sun was seeping through the creaks of day, illuminating the street which was my check point.

I stopped and took a rest. She’s there, that long-haired figure which was at the balcony of an apartment was enjoying the sunrise. Occasionally was a ponytail but she was the same figure which I could recognise from every of my run through this spot. I premeditatedly slowed down my run, just to catch a glimpse of her. She caught my eyes for the past few weeks, I assumed she just moved in, I could not clearly observe how she looked like, all that appeared in my eyes was just her blurry but exquisite figure.

After the slow run along her apartment, at the same time mesmerising the figure, I continued my run, ending it with a shorter time and longer distance coverage.

“Brian, do you know about sacred geometry?” Charles asked. The library was only filled with three of us, Tadashi, Charles and me. Tadashi was still working on his new project, attentively tapping into his laptop.

“Seed of life and all those jazz…” I was browsing through my brain, “Some sort… Why?”

“Exactly. Do you recognise this patterns from anywhere?” He showed me a rough sketch of a bunch of symmetrical circles.

“This…” I took the paper from him and inspected it, “It’s the first time I see this weird but somehow in symmetry picture…”

“So…?” Charles was uneasy, he was a chemist who was going to get his doctoral within two semesters. I got along with Charles better compared to Tadashi because Charles had the same taste for Maths as I do, but he liked chemistry more, so he ended up being a chemist instead.

“Lemme think… I briefly learnt this topic few years ago, I need time to recollect.”

Tadashi snatched the paper from me. “Where did you get this from!?” He seemed frustrated.

“Chill man. It’s just the structures that were recurring in every element. Its for my thesis.” Charles explained.

“I think it’s a combination of the circle of life bent in the 4th dimension…” my tone was filled with uncertainty.

“That’s absurd!” Tadashi denied. We sat there still cracking our heads over this thing. This was what we do, research some uncanny phenomena, find proofs, post them online via blogging. We received tons of passive commentaries about our works because they were wordy, less interesting and some of our evidences were flimsy. Nevertheless, this was just an avenue to disseminate our point of view and a platform to store our works. We also had hard copies to act as contingency and we were hoping that our works would be recognise by any renowned universities or research centres, especially by Harvard and NASA.

Brr… Brr… “Charles. Training time.” Charles and Tadashi cleaned up their spots, “Brian, do you have a problem? Cause you are giving us shitty ideas this past few weeks.”

“No.” I lied. “Go train… I’m done with mine this morning. I still need to rush for my assignment.”

They left me, alone in the library. The librarian was inaudibly arranging the books that were at the counter.

Two hours of drilling, I was only halfway there. Screw it. I got out of the place and walked to the London bridge which was 3 blocks away. I grabbed a freshly squeezed lemonade from a little girl who set up a store along the way which was secluded.

“Here, buttercup.” I put the money into her tiny hands and took a plastic cup of lemonade.

She counted the money, “But sir you gave extra…”

I took a sip of the lemonade, “Keep it.” I smiled and she responded with an even more radiant beam of gratefulness. The small gesture of kindness might be what she stood for the whole day.

Slowly but surely, I got to the London bridge before dusk. I placed the half filled plastic cup at my usual spot, rested my arms, taking intermittent sips of the leftover lemonade which sour-sweetened my taste buds, letting my head to sit on my supporting arms, savoring the beautiful sunset, bit by bit. A sudden flash of her figure ran through my mind. She looks nice. Maybe its worth a shot.

Coloured Hearts (Part 1)

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