Coloured Hearts (Part 3)

I felt my legs shaking, “Brian! Your Monday training!” I turned to look at the electronic clock, 06:31. Tadashi stood by my bed.

“Crap.” I uttered under my breath and scurried out to train.

The sun was out, hanging at midway to the top, it was the Summer Bank holiday for the people in London, so my body slacked off a little, the biological clock nor the electronic clock failed to wake me up. My whole body was not thoroughly willing to run today, I was totally out of shape, my breath was depleted even before hitting a mile. I ended up at the same spot where I stood and enjoyed the sunsets.

I forcefully continued my run despite the fact that I did not bring any essentials for running except my running shoes. I left my phone, my bottle, my towel and my spectacles back at my hostel. Huff… Puff… Huff… I reached the street sooner than I expected, my focus started to shift to her stunning figure, her figure stood there majestically. Huff… Puff… Huff… Few… more… steps… As I got under the place her figure was, I collapsed. I was utterly dehydrated.

My goal keeping intuition twitched, I raised my hand and clasped a plastic cup which was going to plunge unto my head in mid air. The liquid splattered all over me, I was drenched with sweat and dilute aqueous paint. Shit… I have nothing to clean myself up, remained my posture, letting the coloured liquid to marinate me, anticipating someone to come down and apologise.

It was a three full minutes, I recovered from my physically tired condition, the anger was surging up to my head, I stormed to the stairs of the apartment, marched furiously to the third floor where the plastic cup was from what I observed in my runs. The plastic cup crumbled in my fist, counterbalancing my anger.

“Sir… I’m… sorryy…” she stammered as she bumped into me at the stairs. She gave me a forty-five degree bow, gesticulating her deep apology. Her pony tail swayed, permeating an odour which was fruity, an outlandishly comforting smell. She lifted her head, throwing her pony tail back to the original position, a few strands of hair dangled along her face, her spectacles slightly slipped down from her glabella. She stroke them back, gently adjusting her glasses, exposing her naive but joyous demeanor which was akin to a little child.

There was butterflies in my stomach when our eyes interlocked for the very first time. She enigmatically captured my feelings. Her figure from a distance was blurry but stunning. From a two-steps secure zone, even with my shortsightedness, she was… No words could describe what I had seen, she was just pure naivety and ‘joy’.

I lifted up the deformed plastic cup in my hand, a pang of guilt hit me like a truck, “I’m sorry about your…”

“No.” she interjected, “It’s mea culpa. Don’t blame yourself. The cup is a small issue.”

I turned the cup and found that it was delicate, embellished with flora designs, Joycelyn, a small mark was at the bottom of the plastic cup. “Joycelyn. What a nice name.” I diverted the topic.

“Oh! Haha!” soft red tinged her cheeks, “Thanks for your compliment. We haven’t properly introduced ourselves.” she outstretched her dark caramel hand.

“Brian.” I shook her hand and gave my best smile, “You are quite dark though.”

Her mood changed, “Joy-ce-lyn.” she recited it syllabus by syllabus, “I got that quite a lot.”

Her hand was soft as silk. She broke free from my hand. “So…” I pointed at my coloured face.

“How does a meal sound to you?”

“Err… Maybe let me see some of your art this weekend?”

“That sounds better.”

“Why not you give me your contact so I can contact you…”

“Sure. Gimme your hand.” I did as she requested, she took a sharpie out of nowhere and scribbled on my palm. As she was jotting down her number, her glasses was somewhat out of place again, she looked exquisite. When she lifted up her head, I pretentiously shifted my gaze off from her. “See you this Saturday noon.”

“Okay.” I responded but my foot was rooted to the ground as she went back upstairs, I quietly admired her figure. The plastic cup was still in my hand, “Wait… ” I waved the cup at her as she turned and looked at me.

“Nevermind. Keep it.”

“Thanks.” She resumed her footsteps back to her place, I went back down to the place I came up, looking back to steal snippets of her figure. I held the plastic cup when I continued my run back to my hostel.

“What a long run.” Charles taunted as I entered the hostel. “It’s almost 11.”

“I bumped into some…” Tadashi snatched the cup from my back, “Hey!”


“Oooo…” Both of them ridiculed me. “Wow. You didn’t tell us you have a girl.”

I was speechless. They were well of age and older than me, but I did not mind about their ridiculous statement. “It’s just someone I bumped into.”

Bumped into? What a coincidence. Show me your hand.” Tadashi demanded.

I hid my hands behind me. “Don’t be shy.” Charles approached me with a malicious smirk. “If not we are going to use force.” Tadashi was into it also.

I retreated slowly until I hit a wall. Both of them were about to launch themselves unto me. I raised both of my hands as a sign of surrender. Tadashi clutched my hand. “I bet she’s a lovable one.”

“Not that.” I wobbled of his grip, “Happy?” anger crept in my tone.

“Chill man, we are just curious.”

“Please lemme go.” I said in an undertone.

“So… What happened this morning?”

“Err…” If I don’t tell them, they will bug me until they are satisfied with an answer. I told them what happened this morning. They gave me some ‘love’ advice as if I was an impudent fool who did not know how to handle my life.

I left the deformed plastic cup on my study desk which act as reminder about our meeting this Saturday. The thought about the impending ‘event’ vacillated in my mind without a pause.

Coloured Hearts (Part 2)

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