Time Flies

The days of the retirement of our seniors was pages off the calendar, the impending onus to shoulder the post of being the pianist of the choir was delegated by the seniors to me. I was not prepared, I was terrified of the idea of me being the pianist which was akin the ‘outfit’ of the choir. If my playing was bad, the choir would be wearing a filthy ‘outfit’, and vice versa. My role in the choir was as vital as the conductor and the members who were suppose to sing.

A choir could be split into three major parts, pianist, conductor, S.A.T.B. part ( soprano, alto, tenor, and bass, or to put it simply, they are the voices of the choir). Each part is as significant as compared to each other because if one of us screwed up during any performance, it will be a blunder which will humiliate the choir the whole nine yard. This savvy was imparted in me since I joined choir during the last few years. The harmony and cooperation between every choir members was of utmost importance to be a model choir.

I was appointed as the pianist, Lerr was the conductor. Who would expect this combination? It was an accident, a beautiful one. I was oblivion of her presence when I heard of her going to be my associate to lead the choir. It was mea culpa because I spent most of my time in choir mixing with the boys only which was why I did not take the effort to recognise every choir member.

The first few practices was very awkward, both of us were trying to lead at the same time, we did not speak the same language, we lacked the chemistry. Before the seniors retired, they advised me to get along with Lerr like bread and butter, they were worried of me. But both of us formed a bond which was inexplicable to me, we could communicate telepathically, we knew what we wanted to do, it was something exquisitely significant to me.

When our bond was at a nascent stage, the teacher advisor of the choir handed us a challenge which was to compete in a national level competition. We took up the gauntlet. The process of equipping the choir with the competition songs were a cinch with slight predicaments here and there. Everything still boiled down to my incapability to play the piano as good as the previous seniors, and us not working together.

We talked it out somehow, it was kind of weird to me because I was not used to working with female, but I had learned to discard the sexism in me, I became to accept her as the conductor. Lerr is not a bad person, she is in fact the direct opposite of bad, she is the best person whom I knew in my life, she is always joyful. Even before the competition, I was on a really low note, she gave me motivation, and we won the runner-up for the competition.

It blew my mind when we acquired that achievement.

The runner-up affirmed our roles in the choir, boosted the vigour of the choir to strive to be the best. Lerr and me got closer to each other inevitably, I was the one who started to get close to her, until a point in time, I crossed the line, she started to avoid me. I regretted my impetuous action.

Can we be just like before? Just pretend that nothing had happened. This is really an irresponsible way to say things. But, I appreciate the times we had together as conductor and pianist which are etched deeply in my heart. I hope…

P.S. JUNE 2016
Uitm Choir competition runner-up

P.S. 17/10/2016
few more days left…

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7 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Congratulations on coming 2nd place! You’re right, the pianist is just as important as the rest of the choir. I sing alto at school and we always get the joke that we’re the least important part, but in fact everyone is just as essential! Being the pianist for a choir is really hard because if you mess up, everyone hears it; if you don’t, nobody congratulates you. Keep practising!

      1. Yeah we’re always teased that since we never get the tune or the bass notes, only the harmony, that we’re the least important part of the choir haha – it’s nice to have you defending our part 😁

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