This is the 50th post for the blog.


A big shout-out to all the readers who spend some precious time to read my posts. It is my honour and privilege to write for you. Another thank you for those who were willing to comment on my posts, the comments indirectly act as a catalyst to improve myself to write with better felicity. I deeply appreciate my followers, the 50 plus people who I did not recognise, but are fond of my writing.

All these achievements could not be solely done by me, they are from all the readers including followers who assisted me to the place I am at this moment. From the content wise, I would remain as usual, I will be uploading twice per week, one post on the weekdays, another post on the weekends. The scope I will be writing is fiction, life experiences, and factual.

I will be taking a month break on November due to examinations. After that, I will resume as usual.

I will be posting another update and appreciation post on the 100th post.

Be ‘hope’-ful for the impending creations.


Dear Lerr:

If you are reading this, most probably we had bid each other goodbyes, or we are going to bid each other goodbye for… who knows until when?

I deeply appreciate, I… could not find any words to describe your help for me. I just wanna say that if we had the chance to turn back time, I will not attempt to give you the bracelet. Since that time onwards, you were resenting me, avoiding me, sometimes you gave me the thought of me actually making an impetuous move, a regretful one.

I feel really bad now. Losing someone like you in a blink of an eye.

But, I had learnt a lot from you. The best thing of you is still being joyful, I also like your ‘mong mong’-ness. The effects of being a joyful person is bountiful, it can enlighten the whole community with the exquisitely pristine smile like yours. I will hoard your words, make them into a reality, turn everyone around me to be as joyful as you are. Your name suits you, carry on with your life without being affected by negativity.

I am still hoping for your reply.

You knew ‘it’ right?

If we are still friends after we graduated, or after you had read this,
keep in touch.

With regards,


Hope. Joy.. Feeling cloaked as words.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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