Information plays a vital role in every era of humanity. Without information, we will lack the savvy to do many things. During the stone age, people did not know how to defend themselves from wild beasts. Someone invented sharp stone weapons to protect themselves. This piece of information was then promulgated throughout the community of the people in the stone age, making them capable to not only protecting themselves, but also innovate this information to do greater things such as hunting.

Paper was invented in the ancient Egypt using papyrus trees. The usage of paper was mainly for the jotting down of information, especially knowledge and the administration of their times. When Johann Gutenburg revolutionised printing, paper played a vital role in it. Without paper, where were the words going to be printed on? However, the uncontrolled printing of the Indulgence had been a bane for the churches in the Reformation, marking a black spot in history. We are intelligent beings per se, but if we had knowledge without integrity, it would spell danger to humanity.

The adage- do not put all your eggs in one basket, is an axiomatic fact because we may fail at any moment, a contingency comes into handy when there is a failure in our plans. The advancement of science and technology brings us another way to store information via soft copy, either using the hard drives in the computer, the memory card in the smart phones, or the Internet. Going green is a virtue that most of us wanted because of the deterioration of the Mother Earth. Many giant multinational organisations are implementing paperless modus operandi by doing everything in the company using technology. Schools are also marching into the paperless era by introducing computer labs for students to learn in, students even complete their assignments or taking their tests using computers.

The diminishing use of papers is positive for the environment. But if we wipe out the use of paper the whole nine yard, books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and many more paper-printed reads will cease to exist, the future generation may not even know that books existed, or even the joy of finishing a book by flipping through it page by page. They may just swipe through the screens of pixels with a come what may attitude, straining their eyes, and may not gain as much knowledge as from the same material in book form.

Writing is an essential skill for communication. If we went paperless, people will neglect writing, pen and paper may become antiques in the near future.

A written letter holds greater value than an e-mail or some pixels formed on the screen. When a person writes using their hands, their heart will also be spilled unto the laces of lines from their pens.

A mathematical operation requires a pencil and papers to do the workings on it. When a person does maths using computer, it will be more troublesome than writing down the workings on paper, even with the help of software, maths is still best done on a piece of blank paper and pencil.

An artist could not portray their art using software as majestically as using paint brushes and paper. The art produced using computer lacked the spirit of the artist, a true art is a feeling when you see a picture depicting the essence of life, when an art comes real to the naked eyes.

People in the era of globalisation are overdependent on technology. Communication, trading, banking, sharing and stashing of information are mostly via technology.

What if a joker decided to send a shock wave strong enough to dissipate all the power supplying the technology on Earth?

Mother nature will recapture its property.

We will be as vulnerable as the people in the Neolithic.

Mass hysteria will occur.

All hell will be let loose on humanity.

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One thought on “Paperless

  1. What you write here is very true. There’s a value in doing things the old, analogue way, but at the same time, there are also great benefits to technology and we would be naïve and less fulfilled if we were to get rid of technology. Really thought-provoking!

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