Expecting Vs Hoping

It is primordial for humans to assume the outcomes of an event, to envisage the unpredictable future, to make hackneyed statements about things that have not happened. People tend to assume and thus making them wearing a paranoid hat, overthinking at all times. We need to have the savvy that we have no say about the erratic, sporadic and uncertain future.

Before making a move in a game of chess, we would expect the opponent to make such and such of moves, but we would never know until he makes his move, we are just discreetly  expecting him to make a move within our prediction, expectations based on our move. By the same token, we take calculated risks at some situations, expecting the best out of our decisions, but it rarely turns up to our favor, to our expectations because we may miss out some vital points when cogitating for the best decision for a situation.

When we expect too much out of something, we would fall into a chasm of dismay because the result would be notches under our expectations. If we expect too little or nothing out of something, we would be surprised by the outcome because everything would be over our expectations and we would left jaw dropped. However, if we take into account the aspects of a situation by not underestimating and overestimating some things, the situation would not get out of our hand, and the results would not be far from our expectations, only some minor miscalculations or some eye-openers would appear in a situation.

Never expect something to go in our will, but do hope for the best of it. The thin line of separation between hope and expect is often put into oblivion because we messed up the intrinsic value of both actions. Expecting something is innate in us, it is common to expect something to happen after doing something. Hope is something we have but we often neglect its presence, hope is one of the most important aspect in steering a situation into our will. When we hope for something, it is utterly different from expecting something. Hoping for something to happen is more effective than expecting something to happen. Thus, hope more, expect lesser.

Mind over matters, this is not a spurious statement, but an understatement, if we could zero in our concentration into a particular thing for it to happen, it has a higher susceptibility to happen. We often misplace things around in our home, especially keys, do not try to remember where is the last place you put it, but attempt to let our mind guide us to get the keys, concentrate on the keys you want to find, and the propensity of finding the key would be higher. Thus, hope and let our mind do the job for us.

Hope is the faintest, but the brightest light at the end of the tunnel; expecting is our thoughts about the outcomes of our action. If we chose to grab hold of the light, do not expect too much from it, just hope that we could grab hold of it, and be grateful about it; if we chose not to, do not regret because we failed to exercise our hope efficiently, do not expect something good to happen.

Mind the Gap

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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