Rant and Rave

The last exam paper passed like a wind that skimmed through my shadow, telling me that life started. I got a job as a waiter near my house. I walked there every single morning. I thought I could kiss waking-up-early-routine goodbye, but it was still adhesive to me.

Woke up at 6 a.m. Cleaned up. Breakfast. Walked to work. Face some shitty people throughout the day. Ultimately, there were three main reasons that I gave this field a go. It was not because of the pay, I was paid meagerly, 30 ringgit for 10 hours, lunch break of 15 minutes, but the good thing was the lunch was ‘free’.

First, being humble. Second, improving short term memory. Third, observing this serving/food industry.

During the first day, I messed up around 1 p.m. nearly sending dishes to pieces. It was just a gap in my mind, I lost focus for a split second, the dishes were on the chairs, a pile of mess conjured before my very eyes. I quickly cleaned up my mess, I was assisted by some co-workers. Every pairs of eyes in the restaurant were zeroed in on me, my head was tilted as low as possible.

I still messed up the orders occasionally. Remembering wrong codes. Assuming the customers orders when their voice was unclear. My hands still jitter when carrying the tray of foods, the phobia of breaking things set in every moment I was at work.

I despised those idiots who came in during the very last minute of closing time. Those assholes, I had no words for them. A counterfeit smile hung by my face when I attended to them.

Everyday. Without failure. Those assholes just showed up. How could they be oblivion about the fact that we were closing, it was not just offing the switches and closing the front door was known as closing, we still needed to clean the place up and make sure everything was in place for the next day of operation. Thus, I kindly ask those people to be less of an asshole, but be a more considerate customer, I rather had a busy morning or afternoon than having a few assholes climbing through the front door by the closing time, ordering food, sitting their asses down, wasting my freaking time, I was not paid for extra time.

Some people I deeply salute them. There was a mute whom visited us on alternate days. He was patient with us when ordering because he understood he had difficulty in conveying his message and we had tough times understanding him. After finishing his meal, he video-called, and I stood silently at a corner observed the way he used sign language, I was fascinated by him. I like this guy. He deserved my respect.

Then, there was those fat people. Not being offensive but you should not be demanding about your food, you had reached that state of you were unwilling to slim back down. Plus, you should not show faces to me (applies to all people), I was just a mere waiter, helping you with your orders and bringing the foods to you. If you think you were way better than me, showing faces to me, then it would be my honour to let you make your own orders and carry your own meal.

People who were just empty ‘shells’ were the pain in the ass. When I was about to serve your food, please make space for your food on your table. Both of my hands were preoccupied, it was difficult for me. So, for the best of both worlds, you do your part and I do mine.

Something very depressing that I had noticed, families who were engaged with their smartphone at all times. It was utterly shameful. Your loved ones were right in front of you, and yet you put your freaking phone above them. What a shame…

Blessed to those customers who made my day, chip talked with me, who made my work easier, and the boss who was very lenient with me.

To the people who are about to go to eat in a restaurant, stop being a f*cktard.

P.S. December 2016
First few weeks of working.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

One thought on “Rant and Rave

  1. Well done for your resilience! It is very difficult to work in a restaurant as a waiter – I have written a post on it myself (feel free to check it out here: http://bit.ly/waitDTJ) so I know EXACTLY how you feel. The problem is that people don’t see wait staff as people, and demand more than we can give. If anything goes wrong, we are the face of the restaurant so we get all the blame. Keep going though!

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