Media Slandering

The adage- necessity is the mother of invention, drove humans to create the internet which is widely used in our daily lives, ranging from promulgating data to finding information. We spent a huge chunk of our time on the internet to search, to communicate, and to learn the world around us or to get a hiatus from our busy routine.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp are the main social media which I used. I am starting to ostracise from using Facebook because it is the internet ‘diarrhea’, many trash post and ads fill up Facebook. Twitter and Instagram is not as bad as Facebook, but these avenues still have their downfalls. Whatsapp is just essential for communication nowadays, everybody is using it, just do not simply give your number away to someone else who do not recognise, if not you would get unwarranted junk messages.

People like short and crisp titles on the internet, it seems more appealing to click on for us. Thus, the media, especially the news, uses clickbait titles on their articles to pull in more clicks and traffic for their website. Clickbait titles are short and attention-grasping titles which would gravitate people to click on it. For instance, ISIS IS DEFEATED, TRUMP IS GOOD, PEWDIEPIE IS RANTING ABOUT YOUTUBE, all these are clickbait titles where netizens are going to click on it and probably drop a comment or two, or even share these posts with their friends. These actions act as a springboard to the particular websites which compose these kind of posts. Buzzfeed is one of these websites.

This problem is imminent, it not only spreads counterfeit message to people, but also indirectly inflict harm to the people related to the clickbait post. These people are victimised because of the greed of the people behind these particular websites. Greed is what made media what it is right now. The media is supposed to speak only the truth, and the truth, and only the truth. However, the media in this contemporary is filled with clickbait, false information, and victimising innocent people which are puppeteered by greedy people who are money-eyed, who disregards the genuineness of the information dissemination, who only cared for the profits from the ad-revenue and clicks on the particular website.

Netizens should cogitate before sharing any post by cottoning out the solidity of the piece of information. Article writers should find back the principle of being a real journalist by posting the truth only, not posting shit which will gain you clicks. This impetuous move not only would put us into the pit of nadir, but also making the generation to move backwards.

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