2016, What A Year.

2016, an unforgettable year, pain and misery, yet filled with hope and joy. It was a contradicting year, but I surmise the balance was there, somewhere. 2346, I was writing this post, the reminisce of how 2016 treated flashed through my mind.

The start of the year was painful, I had lost one of my dearest loved ones, my grandma, who had succumbed to a severe kidney failure. I failed to see her for the last time, she had the utmost concern for me because I was one of her grandchildren. Her last words still rang in my head which she conveyed to me telepathically after her demise, take good care of your siblings, be good. It was still an enigma about how was I able to hear her voice in my head a few moments after she had passed away.

Time and destiny provided me one of the most joyous moment of my life, being able to meet my ex-crush after a year and a half. I went to her school and get the ticket to her concert. The scene was out of my imagination, just like in the movies where both parties met after a long hiatus. A week after was her concert, I went and enjoyed, we took pictures with each other, and I got a hug from her. It was inexplicable, like a dream come true. However, the events took an awful turn to the pit of nadir because of my obduracy and puerile mindset, we had became strangers after a bittersweet experience.

Choir had elevated my life experience for leaps and bounds. I went to Penang and Singapore to have a show with a famous Malaysian band, Hydra, to perform on an international stage with Gurmit Singh, a.k.a. Phua Chu Kang. It was an awesome experience. The time not only made our choir famous, but also made some of our friendships stronger.

Lerr was my crush, and I screwed everything up. It was all good and nothing bad at first when we were just friends. Yes, it was me who screwed everything up, I crossed the line, and Lerr being her, she completely ostracise me up until now. She helped me through lots of adversities of life and been my beacon of light for the year. She thought me the meaning of joy and how to be positive even when the most dire situation of life stroke. But now, we were just mere friends or even strangers, I told myself, 3 years, now is not the time yet.

SPM black marked my year, wasting my time and energy to prepare for a stupid examination. A note to the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, if you want the Malaysians to be at a level playing field with the global community, elongate the school time, cut down on the stupid PBS, upgrade the syllabus, and revamp the educational system.

I found my ultimate rival in English, Dong, I will become the very best to beat him in writing.

It was mid-year-ish, I started blogging. It was great. Things kept me from blogging. But, I would write, everytime I wanted to disseminate my thoughts in words. Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words. became the motto of my blog.

I completed grade 8 piano. I did not want to part ways with music because it had been with me since presumably right after I was bornt into this beautiful world. I continued listening to classicals and played some of it to keep the fire for music up.

Puan Yip was the MVP of the year, she thought me how to suppress my ego. A big shoutout to her and I am really grateful to have her in my life.

Another honourable mention would be Bacon. She helped me through the mourning days of the demise of my grandma. Without her lending me an ear to talk to, a place to share my tears, I would not know how to get through that by myself. Perhaps I would not be me.

A few more shout-outs will go to Joe, a choir best friend, Pang, who kept me feeling not alone in class, Lee, a close friend of mine.

To err is human, to forgive divine. I would like to forgive everyone and no grudges would be brought into the new year. I am sorry to all of those who I had offended or whatever.

Death had claimed too many lives in 2016. Hereby marked an era for us to take over, to bring the human race to achieve greater things, to make the betterment of tomorrow.

Maths had never stopped amazing me.

Even Trump became president, what else could not happen?

P.S. 2016
Year of Hope. End.But hope does not end.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

2 thoughts on “2016, What A Year.

  1. Nice writing skills, I like the way you describe the different moments in your life in such a simple brief, but interesting manner.

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