Shalom (One)

I opened up my eyes, did I do it? Or is it something else? I did not open my eyes, they pried themselves wide, but only pitch black struck my vision. Nothing but darkness. I tried to rekindle what I had done before I fell unconscious but to no avail. My heartbeat, my involuntary actions, and my other four senses were out of order. I stared blankly into a field of darkness.

One, two… three, three, one… My head was estimating the time that I had been here but failed to do so, my faculty of thoughts were hindered. I was in total oblivion about my surroundings, it remained pitch black for the longest moment in my life, it felt like everything collapsed into singularity, am I dead? I thought.

Chooo… the distant sound broke the dead silence, my sense of hearing was back in action. However, my thoughts were still as good as blank, my brain only allowed my to carry out a meager amount of functions, I had to deal with this shortcoming. Where am I? Wh… My brain was clogged, I could not continue my thoughts, it was as if my brain canceled out my thoughts instantly. I commanded my hands to be lifted up so I could see them but it was useless. I tried looking around but the same result occurred. I was not in control of my body.

There was a glimmer of light directly in front of me, a speck of light in the darkness. I was mesmerized by the flicker of light. All Hope is…. It was blinking in morse, I was able to decipher that much, the blinking was intermittent as if it was sending me a warning. The light was getting bigger by the second. My fight and flight response was down, I stood there staring into the ever growing speck of light.

My vision was blur. I was covered in red. I did not feel anything, “Get me the blood packs asap! She is losing too much blood!” someone was shouting.

“Doc, her blood count and platelet count is very low.” a woman spoke in a calm tone.

“Give her up, she is done.” another grumpy male voice sprang out of nowhere.

“No one is going to die in my hands when…” the first voice said in a stern tone out of the pandemonium. “There’s still hope.”

The scene turned back into the ball of light which snowballed into the size of a boulder towering in front of me. A surge of adrenaline flowed in my bloodstream, I was shoved to the right to avoid the ball of light. I did not command my body to do so, even my fight and flight actions were still down, I was being controlled. I plunged into the floor, I did not feel anything, my sense of touch was still not operating.

There was rectangular white lights in front of me. Something forced me to get to my feet, marched into it, and found myself sitting down. I was on a train. My surroundings was still pitch black, I tried to lift up my hands, but my neurones were unresponsive at all. Pull yourself up. I urged myself. Regain con… my thoughts were once again suspended by the enigma.

A figure appeared in the corner of my eyes, it was burly and was holding a gleaming katana in its hands. It was hunched and had a unwavering sense to kill. Another similar figure appeared, and another. …Nine, Ten… I counted silently in the back of my mind. They were still as if they were frozen in time. Ten pairs of red dots stared at me, they were their eyes presumably. Shit… I nee… my thoughts were once again disrupted.

They walked towards me, steadily, ready to kill. I ordered my body to move, but it just sat there like a sitting duck. I skimmed through my surroundings to look for my chance to escape. Apparently, there was none. Those red dots stared fiercely dead into me. They were getting closer. I stood no chance against them. I was screwed. There was no hope.



Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

2 thoughts on “Shalom (One)

  1. I’m surprised to be the first one commenting on such a beautiful piece of writing! I loved the suspense and the thrill. Perfect narrating to drag the reader deep into the imagery created!

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