Counterfeit Passion and How to Use It.

Working is mandatory in this contemporary. Everybody works, no matter rain or shine, day or night, one would not stop working. People toil in blood, sweat, and tears when they are working because they have their own reasons either personally or financially. The situation of their life shanghaied them to do so. Nobody loves to work, working is tedious, repeated procedures, deadlines, company’s financial status, and many more pressures we must take account during working. These things would make working a dull and mundane process.

Money is a fundamental tool to give us access to many necessities. People talked about money could not buy all things, but let us lay bare to ourselves, if we do not have a single cent with us, how long will we last? A day? A week? We would be starved to death, or even worse, death will decrepit our body, suffering every single second before we succumbed to death. Money is crucial in this modern globalisation. Not to grant us love, happiness, things that money could not buy, but to sustaining our life force by purchasing humans’ basic necessities.

It is laudable to say that we work to keep ourselves alive because we earn money when we are working. Salaries would be given, money would be taken to be spent on our necessities. However, most of us have the susceptibility to end up with an undesirable career. In this case, we will quickly lose interest in our workplace, and deteriorating our productivity which leads to low pay or even worse, being fired by the boss.

Pretense is an imperative move in the workplace. Even in the wild, animals camouflaged themselves with the nature from being preyed which is also a form of pretense, they pretended to be something else to negate their predators from hunting them which at the same time keeping them safe for the time being. Workplace is akin to the wild, if we wanted to survive and get a well pay from it, counterfeit passion will come in handy.

When we fake something, nobody will realise it except for yourself, unless we let the cat out of the bag, or else nothing will go wrong. Counterfeit passion plays an important role in ‘camouflaging’ ourselves in the workplace, it depicts us as a dedicated worker, a committed worker, and a worker who is looked up upon in the working place. At the same time, it also acts as a cover up for our despise, our disinterest, and our cavalier attitude for our job.

It is difficult to execute counterfeit passion in the work place at first. To have counterfeit passion is synonymous to being a completely different person from yourself, like wearing a mask made out of flesh at all times in the work place, and taking it off after reaching home. It is easier to be said than to be done, let us take being a waiter or waitress in a restaurant as an example.

Being a waiter, it was exciting at first, but your body would grow bored with the job. It is undeniable to say that people who are doing things which are not in their likings, we would choose to resent it as much as possible. Days grew into weeks, and into months. No need to look into the next month, just take the situation after a week or two. The body, mind, and soul would be lethargic, exhausted and beaten up. We would start to avoid work by slowing down ourselves at the work place. This should not happen because it would tantamount us to losing our job, or making us stagnant in the work place, no raise would be given or whatsoever benefits. Thus, we need to pretend that we are interested in our job, pretend that we are doing our job, but instead we do our job by being another desirable individual who loves this job and who is willing to walk the second mile for it so nobody would detect our dislike to the job. In other words, be an enthusiastic smart worker.

Counterfeit passion comes hand in hand with being humble because if our ego inflated, our co-workers would detest us, and making the work place more troublesome to us. It is of utmost importance that we establish formidable relationships with our co-workers because they are the ones who would lend you a hand when you are in trouble. Therefore, having an ally to our side is better than to create an enemy. But, be careful and aware when making friends with them, some of them have the intention to use you for the whole nine yard, and some even want us out of the workplace. Too much of an advantage would be a great disadvantage, be astute at all times, not everyone could be trusted in the workplace.

There is a major downfall in using this counterfeit passion, it is that you will face a wall in your career, a place where breakthrough is impossible because your real passion is not there. This counterfeit passion is strictly to help us to survive, to elevate the numbers in our bank accounts, but not to create a breakthrough.

Be selective, be enthusiastic and be smart. Do not fall into your own trap.


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