Shalom (Three)

I was back in a dark room. An archaic wooden chair was placed in the midst of darkness. The sad recognition of the demise of my family hurt my heart so much. I did not feel like moving a muscle, my heart only could handle that much, my insides were shattered into pieces. Why did this happen? Why… my thoughts were cut short and my body was succumbed to the enigma again, I was moved reluctantly to sit on the chair.

As soon as I sat on the chair, a black figure picked me up into its cradle. “Don’t you worry child, don’t be sad.” it stretched out its hand and cooed me. I let out a cry but nothing came out of my mouth. I stared at the black figure blankly. Its face turned into a serene but familiar face, it was my mother’s. Mom… I wanted my body back so badly, I desired to hug her for the one last time.

“Do you want your mother back?” its voice turned distorted, monotonous, and evil. “Do you want your father back?” its face turned into my father’s. The cycle of questions rotated around my family members, and its face changed accordingly. The more it repeated itself, I felt more torn up from the inside.

“Do… you…” its face started to turn bloody, changing the faces of my family members swiftly into the dead version of them. I could not look anymore, I tried to closed my eyes, but they were wide open. It was beyond comprehension of the brokenness inside me.

“Kill yourself! Stop the images from flowing!” an evil voice prompted me inside my head. My body obeyed. I attempted to bite my tongue off, but it failed, I was chewing on a piece of stainless steel instead.

“Doc, she is convulsing!” the calm female voice spoke.

“Find a spoon. I will use my finger to hold her off for the moment.” the first voice kept its composure. “Go! Quick!

I heard the scrambling of metal equipment. “Here.”

There was a piece of stainless steel stuck inside my mouth.

“Now that she is not convulsing anymore, I think I had messed up some mixtures... Don’t worry, I need some time to get things right… I know you are listening.” there was a deliberate silence.

“Me?” the female voice asked.

“No, I’m talking to the little miss who is lying on the bed.”

The grief of my deceased parents lingered in my mind, setting my thoughts way off, toppling my feelings. But, this guy, a doctor, is going to save me. It was an undeniable fact. He spoke with hope, everything that came out from his mouth was associated to hope. If he was going to do it, he would go for broke to save me. I reckoned that I needed to be able to regain consciousness after he had cured me physically, everything that was happening in the mind was depended on me.

shalom. how did you see your parents death? the foreign voice popped up in my head again. I was in a dark room, shrouded by darkness, slumped on the cold hard concrete floor, my body was completely shattered, and scattered asunder. My thoughts were sporadic, unable to focus. shalom. do you want your parents back? the question triggered me, my heart sank, I knew my parents would not come back, there was no miracle which could save them, I saw them dead, right before my very eyes, they were dead.

“My… parents… Can…” my sobbed voice was trembling, I forced the question to the foreign voice out of desperation. “…alive?”

everything is possible when there is hope.

“Hope…” I uttered under my breath, “Is it…”

hope is indubitably the most powerful force. it can do anything, it can accomplish anything, it can reassemble broken hearts, it can even bring the dead back alive.

I was bewildered by this thought, a question raised in my mind, “How can I find it?”

you should have the solution.

The foreign voice dissipated into nothingness, leaving me alone in the dark room. I started to cry, tears did not flow out, blood came out instead. Images of my family, dead and alive flashed through my mind which sent my thoughts into shambles, I was happy for a moment, remembering those times, but when I realised they were not here anymore, my heart plunged into the abyss of sadness.

A series of images of their faces covered in blood lurked in my mind. “STOP!” I let out an outcry for mercy, pleaded my mind to spare me. “LET…”

“Now. now. My child…” It was the evil voice. My tears of blood were cleaned away by the figure. “Why not I take you on a trip?”

I nodded without hesitation. The dark room suddenly turned into my dining room. I was sitting at the dining table, my family was there too, the weird thing was everything that happened felt real. The room was enlightened with endless chatter, it was as if the accident did not happen, I yearned for this moment to last forever.

After the meal, the room reverted back into the dark room, the figure was facing me. “My child… Do you want this to last forever…?” the evil voice asked.

The temptation was overwhelming. My intuition spoke for me, “No.”

The scene immediately turned into a beach where my family spent for the holidays. I was there with my family, enjoying ourselves.

It felt real. But, I knew better.

The time was up, the scene returned to the dark room. “My child… Do you want to live in this perpetual dream…?” the evil voice rephrased the question.

“No.” I spoke for myself.

The figure walked towards me and placed two fingers to my forehead. My head went into a bliss of joyful moments. “My child… Do you…” the evil voice was losing its patience.

“No. They won’t. And you can’t. What you had shown me were mere illusions.” I said in a solemn tone, “They are dead. I had to accept the fact that they are dead.”

“Well… My child… Everything will…”

“You ain’t God, you are a devil. Do you think I would fall into your stupid temptation? So that you could gain supreme control over me? My faith belonged to no one, except the Father, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Jehovah Jireh. My hope is the Lord.”

The figure of evil had lost its patience, it lunged itself into me. Just before he landed the coup de grace on me, He saved me.

Shalom (Two)

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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