Shalom (Finale)

“This is going nowhere John.” the grumpy voice said.

“Everytime, you showed your ass up and tell me all these demotivating shit.” the first voice had lost himself.

“Boys. Don’t quarrel.” the calm female voice tried to fan off the fire between them.

“Sure. If you don’t believe me in saving this little miss, then how could you explain the leukemia patients? Who saved them?” the first voice asked. “WHO?”

“You.” the grumpy voice answered.

“Give me some time, I’m not God, but surely I’m an agent of hope.” the first voice averred. “Get your ass out of here, I had completely lost patience facing you freaking asshole.”

Those words were followed by a slam on the door.

“Why do you need to respond to Phil? It is worthless.” the calm female voice said.

“I just wanted to prove him wrong. Give me more time, get hold of yourself little miss, you are going to wake up soon.” the first voice was telling me.

shalom. The foreign voice spoke, it was from Him. well done. your faith to Me is steadfast.

Open your eyes shalom, I obeyed, find your consciousness back, only you can do it, may all hope… He silence himself. An enormous crystal ball towered across me, there were racks surrounding the giant crystal ball, all containing smaller versions of spherical objects, all of them had different colours.

I felt minuscule like an ant searching for food in the kitchen. The stash was beyond comprehension. “Great.” I muttered under my breath. “It’s impossible.” I looked around, walked through some of the racks, I dared not to touch the spheres because I was afraid being absorbed into those objects.

It should feel familiar. common sense told me. It should feel like a part of you, something that you are. my intuition told me. I could not make up my mind, I swept pass lots of the spheres, nothing sparked me from the inside. Hope… the word kept bugging my mind. I continued my search with nothing accomplished.

Minutes passed. Hours passed. Days passed? I did not know anymore. I was adamant to find my consciousness back. The hope was diminishing. The situation started to turn into a bedraggled wretch. I was about to give up, desperation marched in and took control over my mind. I lost my patience and hope, desperation grabbed my hand and placed them on a random sphere. Shit.

“The little miss just lost her heartbeat again!” the calm female voice shouted.

A door flung open, slamming the wall behind it. “Charge up the defibrillator!” the first voice prompted her.

“There is no…”

“What do you mean?” the first voice was anxious as if he was going to lose all hope.

“The defibrillators… they are all confiscated…”

“Screw the machine. Help me out with the CPR.”

Intermittent bangs of fists were sent to my chest. He was hoping that I would stay alive. Then, a slow gush of oxygen started to fill my lungs. They did not stop because they knew what hope was. They showed me how to use hope. I was more than prepared to locate my consciousness and get back up.

Beeeep. Beeeep. Beeeep.

The room of the large crystal ball changed into an empty room with a door. shalom. your chance to find your consciousness is limited. Use them wisely. May all hope… He ended his prep talk the same way as He did last time.

The emptiness of the room was akin to the inferiority in me. Nothing to grab hold to. Nothing to hold on to. Or is it all happening in my mind? Some part of my mind clicked, this time not disrupted by the enigma. If yes, then I’m… I imagined a key in my hands, I unlocked the door effortlessly.

Behind the door was the field of endless grass where I had encountered the black burning tree except this time there were no black burning trees but there was a mountain of fire. I manipulated what was happening here, I imagined myself at the top, scrutinising everything below me.

There was a fire. I knew my consciousness was there. I teleported there. The ball of fire was in my hands, I pushed the fire into my body. Hallelujah!

I was back on the train, sitting opposite me was Him. I could not see him because my perception could not do so, He is a higher being compared to us, so a relatively greater mind is needed to perceive Him. But I knew it was Him, you can feel His presence.

shalom. the hope is the Lord.

“Hope…” I was speechless. There He was, sitting opposite of me, but I could not phrase a word to say to him, I was awestruck by His majestic presence.

wake up. make hope contagious.

The stench of hospital stimulated the receptors in my nose. I let out a sneeze, opened my eyes, it was brighter than I expected. The sun was rising, the rays of lights peeped through the blinds. I tried to get up but I could not muster enough energy to do so. I stayed as I was, waiting for someone to come in, hopefully its the doctor, John.

The door flung opened, “God’s grace… Little miss… you are… awake.” Dr. John said in astonishment. “I thought…”

Hope…” I whispered and beamed the brightest smile that I have.

Dr. John broke into tears of joy, “Joyce! The little miss is awake!”

A woman came in, “You are awake.” it was the calming voice. “There’s good news. After you can move around, pay a visit to your father, he is the only survivor, the rest are…”

Copious tears overflowed my eyes, she hugged me.

All hope is reignited.


Shalom (Three)

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

12 thoughts on “Shalom (Finale)

  1. Zak I am not from any part of english field, I don’t live in a country that uses english very often, I’m from Portugal and I’m only 16 years old, so some words are difficult to understand for me, but I search them on google and I get the translation, you should write with some easy words to understand, I’m not saying that you must, because with this words the story is more beautiful. Besides that, I’m in love with your written and all your stories. I’m not saying that you must change the “difficult” words to easier ones, because its your stories you do whatever you want. But keep my thoughts.

    1. haha the difficult words are just to act as an exercise for me because I am also studying currently and I am 18. I will tone down the difficult words for the readers because my friends also cited that my writings have too many difficult words inside. I apologise that you have to google most of the things. I would take your advice into serious consideration. I feel sorry for you to have to search on google when you are reading my writings. Thank you for your generous feedback.
      With hope,

      1. No problem, I love your stories and I will keep reading them even if I have to search some words in google. Just a quick question, will you turn some stories into a book? Because if not, you should, but if yes, where can I buy them? xD

      2. haha my time is a little tight as I had mentioned I am just a student. I will not be publishing e-books, just plain books, traditional. There is too much to say about the unprecedented future. I am working

      3. sorry for the sudden break… let me continue… to draft my very first book, if I do publish a book, it would be mentioned in my blog. And to be honest, I am not on par with those writers- Sidney Sheldon, Rick Yancey, etc, I need more time in order to produce a quality book. In the meantime, you can just enjoy what I have here on my blog, or other fantastic writers out there.

  2. I love the contrasting voices.. the angelic and the devil’s! I love how you’ve used the word “foreign”

    Loved how you brought in two scenes of conflict; one in the shalom’s mind.. and the other; among the doctors!

    I’m only half way though your post and I’m already tearing up! You’ve done a great job in emphasising the struggles of keeping up with hope and a great message to never give up!

    Omg the conclusion! Haha.. this was the most amazing piece of writing I’ve ever read in my whole life zak!

    This is greater than all the novels put together! Damn!!!!

    1. Thanks chaos, I deeply appreciate your time in reading and commenting on my writing, I am registering every point that you found interesting. Besides, I am also quite fond of your writings, the way you bring out every line of your writing with consecutive punches to your readers, hope we can keep up with this. xD

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