All We Don’t Know (Finale)

Thunk. The piece of stale bread rolled towards me, drips of drinkable water fell upon my head, signifying me that was meal time. This happened at sporadic hours, I tried counting, but failed because when people were locked in an constant environment, people would tend to lose the concept of time. I lost track of time, I forgot when was the last time that I had eaten, I forgot how to be hungry, my hope was diminishing.

It’s no use. I told myself. Give up. I will die anyway. it was depressing when I realised that my faculty of thought had come to this point of every effort was merely lengthening my period of survival, not making my way out to live a life. I stretched myself forward to eat the bread, it was hard as stone, I dragged it to the point where there was water to give the stale bread some moisture, I consumed it like a dog, using only the mouth with my hands chained to the ground.

Tears of bedraggled wretch rolled down my eyes when I lifted up my head to drink the dripping water from the ceiling, my insides and my thoughts were crippled due to the lack of nourishment. Just give up, to end all of this suffering. The negativity in me urged me to end my life, but there was something that had not been accomplished in my life. I pondered about what I had yet to achieve, I got nothing, my head was empty when I come to think of this.

What have I been missing? It was after two dozens of stone bread. This was my twenty-fifth one, I stared blankly unto it, my mind was messed up. I was surprised by the fact that I managed to sustain my life-force based on this meager amount of resources. I should… I did not complete the thought, afraid that they were monitoring my thoughts. They were advance enough to built an underwater city, what less they could fidget with me?

A scheme to break-out conjured in my mind. Since they are monitoring everything of me… I activated a modus operandi in me which completely surrender all of my unconscious effort into a conscious effort. Breath, heart beat, blood flow, generate haemoglobin, produce erythrocyte, billions of neurones were firing at the same time, my mind was on an overdrive. One small mistake then I doomed,there was no room for errors.

This is my last shot, perhaps to get me a few more shots to get me out of here. I shut down my body, everything stopped, the air stiffened, my consciousness was still inside me, my head slumped to the front, the chains tightened up at my wrist. It had been 3600 counts, nothing had yet to happen, I was scared that this plan might fail. 5800… 5801… My time was almost up. A sudden shock of a lightning was conducted throughout the room, it almost switched my unconscious mind back on. Another one, my astral state, my consciousness, was struggling to keep everything in place. 5950…5951…

The cell started to fade away, revealing the cavernous, boundless hall which I first set foot in. My hands were free from the chains which disappeared, I fell face-first unto the ground, 5986…5987… Reboot body, normal function restoration, I commanded my body to swap back into the ordinary way which my body operated. I’m free, get out of here now. I skimmed through my surroundings, looking the way to get out, the elevator, it was situated at the northwest of me.

This is it. I scrambled to my feet, and ran towards the elevator. “shit.” I grunted. The elevator teleported to the other end of the hall, I sprinted as time ticked off. The undulated landscape made me stumbled unto myself, I forced myself up knowing that my body was suffering from exhaustion due to the lack of nutrition throughout this period of time, I acted recalcitrant to my body, I stood to my feet and continued pursuing to escape. Come on! I urged myself as I got closer to the elevator.

The elevator moved again, I was even farther to my escape, my hope ebbed away, torn apart. I crumpled to the ground, my body was tired, lacked the will to get out. The elevator moved at a higher frequency within a shorted period as time passed. One… Two… Three… I counted the seconds of the elevator being in a place. The landscape of the floor turned into wave forms which swayed back and forth, I sat there, waiting, hoping that the elevator would somehow show up in front of me.

A black figure emerged from thin air, it was the elevator, this was my chance, I dived into the elevator disregarding its state. I was inside, no buttons were present, the elevator sensed some weight and skyrocketed to the surface, the sudden pressure change made me groggy, my head was spinning like a top. I kept my composure, staying sharp, the elevator resurfaced, exposing me to the facade of the forbidden, restricted area on Earth, Area 51.

My heart was relieved but sank into the Davy Jones’ locker when I recognised my whereabouts. There was a Harley-Davidson speeding towards me, it stopped beside me, a petite hand was outstretched. “Get on.” It was her, “Walter.”

All We Don’t Know (Part.3)

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

4 thoughts on “All We Don’t Know (Finale)

  1. Very interesting, Its sometimes hard to understand fictional things like those which you used here … Sci-fi isn’t it ? … Anyway, great writing …

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