The adage- when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, is bona fide which depicts every challenges that we face will be overcome. What will happen after overcoming all these challenges? Most of us will tend to lay in the bed of roses, become self-contended, and unwilling to challenge ourselves to do greater things. However, roses also have thorns, once we become stagnant in our progress of life, people will surpass us, and we would be left behind eating dust.

The innate nature of humans become satisfied and complacent with their achievements are the downfall of the human race. People will start to slack off and not progressing. The advancement of science and technology will come to a halt. For instance, after the invention of the iPhone, the marketing copier, Samsung, made tonnes of money out of it, nothing fresh, new and intriguing came out since then. It evidently shows that how humans become complacent with things that we have.

Being complacent means that being stationary in the progress of life. In other words, nothing moves like a standstill target waiting for its predator to kill. We would be living the same old life everyday without progress. Failing to advance in the aspects of our life will undoubtedly expose us to unknown threats, our lives would be endangered.

When we achieve something, we would feel on top of ourselves, the feeling often climbed on top of our heads, hindering our mindset to achieve even greater heights. However, we need to decimate this feeling before it climbed over our heads, so that we could retain our regular mindset which is set to achieve greater heights.

Those who are at their sedentary ages are permitted to be complacent with what they have. But, people who still have long journeys to reach there must not. If we act as those who are complacent with what they have, we would end up in the pit of nadir where nothing is making any progress.

We must not let complacency get into our heads. Thus, we must set our goals higher, set goals after goals. There is no harm in failing our goals, but if we have no goals at all, we are tantamount to complacency which will lead us to dire straits.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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