What Is Love?

Waiting. Never a pleasant one, but it has become mandatory, a custom that is honed by Malaysians greatly, we prefer to do things slowly because we want to assure the best result will be culminated from this elongated process of a few hours’ work that can be done within an hour.

I sit on a plastic chair under the shade of a tin-foiled veranda. The sun is obliged to shine as bright as possible during the day, especially in this tropical country which lays on the Khatulistiwa. My little note book of vocabularies- bookie, is in my hands, memorising some new words from my excavation of the new book I am into- the complete series of Sherlock Holmes which is as thick as a dictionary.

 As I am flipping through the end of my bookie, a sturdy, gallant man chewing a cigarette walked into the veranda, I just realised the veranda is filled with students who are taking the same driving course as I do- KPP2, that lasts for five hours and a half which could be done in an hour or two, one and a half is the most, to be succinct.

He has a swarthy skin due to the long hours exposing himself to the scorching sun when conducting driving lessons outdoors, having a complexion of Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Terminator. He has an austere, stolid demeanor that is venerable at the first sight. “Sayang, today we are going to have the KPP2 going on.” It is outlandish when his bold, bass voice spoke, “Please kindly line up and sign up.”

After the mundane start, he scribbles something on the whiteboard, “What is the main cause of road accidents?” he asks us.

“Human attitude.” I answer almost immediately as my common sense tells me.

“The failure of maintenance of the vehicle.” the barrage of answering his mere question is appeasing to the speaker.

“Ok, so the main thing is in us, yea?” he summarises our replies, “Before I forget, I am Cikgu Aemy, and I am going to teach you, or rather reminding you the main things in this course.” Bullshit, he’s going to waste three freaking hours babbling about random shit, and only getting into the ‘main thing’ that he mentioned.

“Now, sayang, we need to have the love for everyone,” Some of the students chuckle, “Bencilah akuu!” he exclaims in a higher tone, “not that kind of love between couples, I’m talking about the love where we lacked for one another.”

We are baffled by the direction of his speech, keeping all ears up and all hearts open to receive his fundamental reminder for us, “Sayang,” he points at one of students sitting a few seats apart from me, “do you love the person beside you?” she is tentative because she is a complete stranger to the boy sitting beside her.

Sayang, will you help him when you see him fall down?” he questioned the girl again, she nodded her head.

“There sayang,” he turns to the boy sitting next to her, “who will help you up when you fall down now?”

“It would be the people around me.” the boy answered without hesitation.

Cikgu Aemy shifts his target to me, asks me the same question, and repeating himself to a dozen more of students. “tengok sayang! this is what I want to convey. People come to sit through this five dreary hours is just wanting to pass the driving test, but I came here with a message that is to be disseminated to all of my students, is to have the unconditional, the unerring, love.”

The Guinness World record of the shortest sermon ever preached in history is one word. The preacher walked up the steps to his podium languidly, said a word, perhaps the everything of life- love. He dismissed the congregation after then.

Love is general, we need to love everyone, promulgating and entrenching love is of utmost imperative to restore peace and harmony to this wretched world, brutal reality filled with enmity, negativity, and darkened by sin. If we could shed some love, the unconditional love to everyone and anyone, the world would be a better place to live in. Suicides, murders, scandals, lies, sins will be nil. Love will reign supreme over the loving world free of iniquities.

Show someone, or just anyone that you love them, now.

P.S. first week of February
the meaning of love
rectified, clarified, and rekindled.

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