Resplendence in the waning glow of the dreariest nights, I was haunted by the undaunted ebony figure that silhouetted above me, engulfing me in his unimpeachable and unbreakable grip.

I cocooned at the furthest corner of my mattress, confiding myself to my own impediments, consumed by fears of not making it through the very day of tomorrow.

Wretched I was upon the tattered mattress, the mere card box was my only shelter, the scanty clothes upon my body was the only source providing the counterfeit, deceiving comfort, warmth that was temporal.

The diffident, immutable moon slunk from the starless night, neglecting the absolute darkness, shedding some light upon the squalor hope that I was clinging unto, with my life, and my very soul.

I looked up, in search of the begotten, forsaken, lost hope that was glittering, akin to the twinkle, twinkle little stars up above the dark, dark sky.

via Daily Prompt: Glitter