Her lavender smell pervaded the suspension of stale air, her tresses tingled against my face, the warmth of her skin, the subcutaneous heat was disseminated across my forlorn soul, acting as the brazier of fire on a cold, brutal winter night.

Our bodies were stacked upon each other in a picturesque manner, my hands awkwardly placed below her bare back, her head lying demurely on my sore, yet firm chest. Relishing every single second passing, every breath that we shared, every heartbeat of life and togetherness that synced into one serendipity of Providence.

Sunlight illuminated the room, brightened up her swarthy, dark caramalised hazelnut skin, making her as invigorating as ever. Gently, stroking against her, from her unkempt hair to her center, our center of singularity, where nothing could separate, nor tear us apart.