Path of life
Undulated, meandering,
Paved with peril,
Leading us into bedraggled wretch
Where all hopes dissipate.

Agents of hope,
Saviours disguised in flesh,
Coated in white,
Akin to the faintest,
Resplendent flicker in absolute darkness,
For the ill to hold on.

Immutable fervour of saving lives
A catalyst for them to rescue countless souls
To find the cure for the incurable
To go for broke to battle the incorrigible
Beating the odds,
Taking long shots,
For the ill.

A cure for all,
An abject aspiration,
Humans are cumbered with flaws.

One sentence,
A painful veracity,
Destroys all hope,
Obliterates worlds,
Crushes us to smithereens.

Curing, healing,
An act of disseminating the hope
To the ill,
Where doctors do their best
To help them break free
From the palms of death.


P.S. inspired by the game- that dragon, cancer.