Orders flowed in incessantly, accelerando. People kept shouting for bill, asking from assistance from one end to another. Twenty-three tables, clamour of noises shook me up, turning my mind into a frenzy.

Quickening, the pace was quicken by the second my mind generated the next command to my limbs coordination. I was lacking the finesse to handle this chaotic scene.

Panic slunk into me, slowly but surely engulfing my conscience, blurring the deftness of my job. Thump. Thump. Thump. I felt my palpitating heartbeat throbbing against my rib cage, craving for a relief, a release from this morass.

My hands were trembling, I was having a tough time surmounting the panic attack. Deep breaths, snuffed tons of oxygen molecules to calm my mind, making sure the oxyheamoglobin supply was sufficient to suppress this abrupt attack.

Mind, cleared; composure, maintained; panic, gone. The restaurant reverted back into its hollow state of quietness.