Nian (Part 1)

The palpable darkness dethroned the ever glowing sun as the night approached as brief as a knock at the door. Mother Nature was still at her best, an array of greens were the only things that I perceived as I was sauntering at the pinnacle of the mountain which had a wondrous, splendid view enveloping my village.

A roar from the first beast reverberated the valley which was from a tiger, but its true form was a creature the size of a hare. A distorted, cacophonous shriek resonated the hills, bouncing back and forth, torturing my eardrums, that was from a clamour of the hissing of a venomous snake, the brusque neighing of a horse, and the bleating of a fleeing sheep. Another sound that was foreign- an inception to me, a shrill that sent chills down my spine, shook the valley. Three sounds, three different monsters, destined to decimate a village into smithereens.

My foot was planted at where I was from my loiter. My stomach lurched as I jaundiced the treacherous encounter with the viscous monsters- Nian, that was faced by the village last reaping season. This time, they brought an additional friend that was unknown to me, and surely would tantamount to total destruction of the entire village. Not a single living soul would be let alive.

Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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