Bornt into a world where double-standards exists, sexism is outrageous, injudicious prejudice are promulgated in the human society.

Me, as a her, is nothing but a grain of sand in the beach, a drop of water in the vast oceans.

You, as a he, is nothing but the very same species that of a her.

Homosapiens- humans, as we proudly called ourselves, lacked the savvy to look at each one of us as the same species, we discriminate each other in any sense possible.

Is that necessary? Why does most of the men look down to us? Why do men always take advantage on us? Why do we feel so nervous, so small when men approach to us? Should this type of mindset exist in the face of the human race?

No, answered her sternly.

No, answered by a mere number of he.

Surely, we are the alpha species, we are better than her, cited the majority of he.

If we want peace, advancement, or any thing that is positive, we should treat everybody with the same love, the same generousity, the same of everything.

You need to change. No more discrimination, no more double-standards, no more negativity, to her.

P.S. A stand for all the her.