Somnolent night embellished with bulbous stars that emanated a mellow vogue of dark shade.

He wasn’t back yet. It’s been days now. Working he said. I doubt so. These doubtful thoughts demented my mind, drove me into overthinking, almost reaching insanity.

Tick. Tick. Thump. Thump. Squeak. It was he at the door, he looked ravishing as ever, those broad chest, sinewy figure, swarthy skin, the ever unkempt hair.

But, there was something wrong, something off, a nuance.

I held noticed since he came back late for the first time. I just kept quiet.

Am I that bad? How can I be a better person? You know I love you so much, why do you want to cheat on me? These questions arose in my mind, never spoken by my tongue.

He brushed past me, it was not him, not the one I had devoted my heart to.

“There’s a paper on the table, take a look.” he said in a monotone tinged with guilt, walked upstairs with lengthy strides.

I saw his shadow disappeared, paced myself to the table, picked it up.

My trepidation was as true as steel, it hit me hard.

I felt poleaxed, disheartened, betrayed, broken, destroyed.