The shimmering stars were beneath my feet, I was wreathed in a fluid, I could still breath, my movements were sluggish as if in slow motion. I lifted my head with a great effort and found nothing in the sky, it was an infinite abyss from above.

My eyes wanted to escape this field of vision, my eyes flitted hither the right as there was a resplendent flame in the dark, it was a blue bird. I tried to keep up with its phase, it had an enigma that sparked my insatiable inquisitiveness to find out the queer being.

I moved, I flew as fast as it was flying, it was that of an aquiline speed. My head was not thrown off by the sudden transmission of the state of being still to moving at a very high velocity, I kept myself whole, flew nonchalantly across the dark sky.

Catch it. the inner voice in me prompted me, it was within my reach, but in my abstract mind. My thoughts cruised to a shore, came back to reality where there was chalk writings on the black board, scratching its way through the dread of the day.