Nian (Part 3)

After the point when I could run, and pick up a sword, he thought me the fundamentals of survival, from discerning the edibles and drinkables in the forests to slaying the beasts of the wild. I absorbed everything that he had thought me like a sponge. I killed a wild boar with the assistance of my brother when I was four, the traps which was laid down by my brother did most of the job. I spent most of my time with my brother by neglecting the mundane repetitive life of the villagers. This was what that kept my life interesting, and made me reconsider the value of my life, learning to live life, not to just simply exist, and being hated by everyone.

Most of my brother’s expeditions were in vain but some of them wrought a change in the village. The bronze and silver ware, weapons indirectly made hunting an easier job for the villagers. The stolen invention of coal mining and oil extraction were implemented to help the villagers produce fire more easily. Those were his remarkable results culminated from his undaunted nature in running all these expeditions that were less propitious.

He also brought music in the village, but they called that as the sound of the devil because they had the parochial mindset that this action would beckon the vicious beast to attack us. My brother thought me how to produce melodious sounds by delicately blowing unto a fallen green leaf. Any green leaves would do the job. We would climbed up the mountains, and do music. He would blow countless tunes, although some were tortuous and complicated, I would catch them with impeccable precision, and improvised the tunes on the spot. Music kept me amazed all the time. He told me that I had the talent in this area, maybe one day my music would bring some good to the village. I did not understand what he was saying, I perceived it as something befitting to me.

Another adventure was set up by my brother to pursue a kind of firearm which could drastically improve the defense of the village, I still could not comprehend what he conveyed to me about those inventions, but all I knew was he was leaving me behind, and having the propensity to be gone forever haunted my thoughts.

Nian (Part 2)

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