Update and Appreciation (100th post)

Thank you!

Really thank you, without you, readers, friends, commentators, passersby, anyone who had clicked into my blog, I will not have the smouldering ardour to keep on writing.

To all the followers, you mean a lot to me, all 93 of you, you may be an iota, a grain of sand in the human beach, but, I deeply appreciate all of your support.

Readers, passersby, thanks to you too, do drop by more frequent to see more interesting stuffs happening, and written by me.

Friends, not many who had paid much attention to me and my blog, but to those handful of friends whom I cherish, very much, a big thanks to you guys, do keep me at the back of your minds, I will give you a hand if you needed one in the near future.

I had made a few friends on this platform, although I have never met them in real life, I would not mention names first, you know who you are, and it is an honour knowing and realising that I have you guys, as a modern pen-pal where we exchange our life stories by writing blogs.

Future posts:

It has been a dilemma to me, but I had decided.

Everyday there will be a post, guaranteed. Tuesday and Saturday, 0331 Malaysian time, there will be my series posts, and on every other day, random timing, I will be writing flash fiction, life experiences, and factual- which will be the least to be written because it is challenging to write factual. One or two creative writing will be done.

Some days, I should say most of the days, do not expect me to write remarkably for everyday. I am taking this as a training ground for my writing.

Constructive feedback is immensely, greatly welcomed.

Every 50th post, I will do a brief update on my blog, and on every 101st post I will re-blog one of my personal best for the previous 100 writings that I had done.

Once again,

Thank you for all your support.

Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

Three years, a time I am willing to wait and let ourselves have a short hiatus, I hope we do not change too much, I hope that you will still remember me, I hope that you will forget my impetuous move and let us start anew, and hope that you are aware that I am deeply wreathe about the thoughts of us being together. Many hopes, but I set myself a time, I had lots to say, but could not express them in words that come out from my mouth, I will write about it in the near future. You know who you are.

hope de novo

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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