Nian (Part 4)

I was meddling the bland cabbage broth in my aluminium plate which was the supper for the villagers. The lamp was tangling from the ceiling, I was sitting alone at the corner of the foyer which had only a hay roof for cover, and as the rendezvous for the villagers to have their meals. I used to having my supper with my brother up on the mountains, gazing upon the sky whether it had stars or not, relishing each others’ presence, dwelling in the sibling’s love that was fostered between us for years, only death would break the bond.

The lights flickered, I thought it was my imagination, it was not. An apparition flitted across the foyer in a blurring speed. I left the spoon on the plate, zeroed in on the threat imposed to me. A shriek resounded the village, sent the villagers into mass hysteria, they became feckless, deranged, and ran for their lives, it was as if all hell was let loose. I stayed collected, analysing the situation, and conjecturing a solution to it. The creature was about the size of a hare, it was swift, long ears, and strong jaws which could tear our huts into pieces.

I got up of my sitting posture, the night sky filled with aghast screams that flooded my thoughts, but did not make me distrait. I sprang into action, trying to catch a glimpse of the threat. Not armed with anything because the threat was small in size, swinging a weapon at it would be a worthless act. My ears rang as the creature swept passed me, missed my head by the breadth of a thread, I crouched in response, making me realise that the creature was fast, very fast.

My instinct prompted me to stay low, the creature hit at above waist length, its consistency was on point. The creature blurred across my eyes once every second. How could I stop this creature with this speed? I was terrified as I looked at my village turning into mere rubble as time passed. The inferiority gripped my heart, I shrugged helplessly, watching the creature wrecked havoc to the village.

This girl is a piece of shit, the curt commentaries of the villagers started to cumbered my fight and flight response, Worthless trash, good-for-nothing-son-of-a… “Stop…” I muttered under my breath. She is nothing, she can’t do shit, she’s just a girl. “STOP!” I roared, scrambled to my feet. The valour shone in me, I told myself that I must prove them wrong, drawing a full stop at the foul-mouthed, ill-mannered villagers. I skimmed through the surroundings, finding the expedient move to stop this creature from running rampant in the village.

I ran into one of the huts and grabbed a wok made of steel out of it. I crawled my way to a tree with a thick bark, stood there readily with the wok above my head in a crouching manner. The seconds passed slowly as I witnessed the destruction of the village, the creature did not sense my location. I grabbed a vine laying on the forest grounds and wreathed the wok at the postulated height that it might hit it, and fell unconscious due to the enormous knock back produced by its great speed.

The screams were intermittent, the wok was up in place, I pulled out a green leaf out of my clothes, blew a high pitched tune that would raise the attention of the creature. The tune started off softly, but grew to fortissimo within the next second. The creature stood still for the first time of my far left, its glare was livid, scaring me shitless. My jaw dropped in fear, I was petrified, could not even move a single muscle. The creature let out an abstruse growl and plunged right into the wok above my head as I predicted.

GOONNNNGGGG. Silence fell upon the terror-struck village. The creature fell off from the wok, I stood up beside the creature, it was still twitching, laying on the ground in a grotesque manner. When I was about to finish it off with the wok, it fled into the dense forest without a moment’s notice, leaving the smithereens of the village behind, and the villagers in dismay.

Peace was restored in the village which was spared by His mercy. No life was snatched away by death, the worst was only being decapitated or being crippled by the vicious hare-sized beast. Its contorted complexion haunted my thoughts after the threat had subsided, it had wide fangs, blood-red ravished eyes, and a sense to kill anything at sight, when it looked into me, I thought I was done, but here I was, standing unscathed, still alive.

However, fear sent my mindset disarray, and the villagers did not acknowledge me as the saviour of the village, they even condemned me as the cursed child which bore to the destruction that fell upon the village. I was devastated, crying was merely an appeasing act to my soul. It had worsened my condition. I shut myself away from the dreadful village, not letting any more condemnation into me. On second thoughts, I should have let the beast kill all of them in a swift blow, let none of these impudent fools alive, let them perish with their own spark-less decency. Tears teared apart my thoughts into a flashback, remembering the worthy words of my brother.

Nian (Part 3)

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