Nian (Part 6)

As I woke up, I saw his ebony figure standing by the opening of the hut that we lived in. “Xi. I’m glad that you are awake.” He spoke with his back towards me. “I think I should not fill you in with more tedious details. Let’s get straight to the point, next season of reaping, the beasts would appear along with the previous one, the weakness of the first creature is of high pitched music, for the second one is of the massive impact. So, we need to gain advantage of all of the intel I got, and prep the village for the worse that is to come.”

My brother led me to the village hut which was no more than a larger hut made of more straw, and looked more supreme. He started gathering the village for an important meeting, but was dismissed by the village chief- Lan, an austere man with a parochial mindset who even lack the valour to be deemed as the village chief, and form my observations, he even hid himself in an underground shack during the attack of the first creature. My brother turned a deaf ear on him, when it was dinner time, he chimed is plate to get everybody’s attention, and preach about the destruction that was happening.

All of the villagers lend him all the ears, but their heart were reluctant to move. The threat was inevitable, the sense of danger intensify as time passed, my brother did his best to convince the villagers to be prepared but to no avail. I sat quietly beside my brother when he was ignored and denounced by the villagers, he needed my presence. My mind was pacing back and forth, I reiterated my question for him about the village, why did he want to protect the village so much? Why did he push himself for the imprudent and ungracious villagers? Why did he care so much? It was because of the will of our deceased father that became the igneous flame that never ceased to burn to keep him living this kind of life, busting himself here and there, caring for people that did not even give a damn about him.

My brother thought me how to properly use a weapon which was a dagger, a perfect fit for my small hands, and a fluid style to either attack or defend. He briefed me in on the impending wave of destruction, thought me how to counter and face the vicious beasts. “We may not beat them, but we will do our best, to fulfill the will of our deceased parents.” he asserted to me once, “Have hope that we keep the village alive and probably open the minds of the villagers. If there is no village, there will be no us. Remember this. Always.”

Nian (Part 5)

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